EPA cuts are leaving a bad legacy

Dear Editor:

It takes a village to protect and nurture a child — with clean water, land, air and good public schools.

Deep budget cuts proposed by Trump and crew would jeopardize America’s health and safety — including $81 million per year in EPA grants to Missouri. If he succeeds in crippling the EPA’s budget, it will also cripple “the village,” with more toxic pollution and lead in our drinking water. EPA grants are needed to clean up lead pollution and toxic waste sites across Missouri.

By cleaning dirty air, 1,256 Missourians are saved every year. Asthma attacks result in 13,247 pediatric emergency room visits annually. Almost a third of air monitoring and lead clean-up EPA grants would disappear down Trump’s rabbit hole. Thousands of pediatric asthma sufferers would struggle to breathe and learn. Lead is a known neurotoxin that permanently damages children’s IQs.

There are 33 Superfund sites in Missouri and 1,022 brownfield sites — all needing clean-up. Trump’s money-grab would cut Superfund EPA programs by a third. Missouri’s damaged communities would continue to suffer struggling real estate prices, damaged investment potential, and undermined economic development.

The bone spur excuse only works for spoiled rich guys, so call your politicians and and urge them to vote against cuts to the EPA. Missouri’s children need a village to fight against environmental harm, and to furnish good, fully-funded public education. They will grow in deductive reasoning, common sense, and appreciation of diversity so they can make wise voting decisions that support democracy. Join the village.

Jan Lancaster


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