Dear Editor:

I cannot let the recent letter to the editor by Heather Hughes stand unchallenged. It is filled with misinformation, fake news and just lies. Perhaps Ms. Hughes is a victim of the lies from socialist/democrats like AOC, and Representative Castro regarding conditions at the Mexico border. 

There would be no "humanitarian crisis" if the illegal aliens were not allowed in the country without going through the proper immigration process to begin with. Lawmakers in Washington have caused this problem by allowing the invasion of illegals. This invasion can be slowed only by enforcing laws already in place and using walls, armed border patrols, and deporting criminals. Those few who are legitimately seeking asylum should go to a consulate or port of entry, not illegally enter the country. 

It is very rare that Illegals are abused by border agents. Customs and Border Protection Agents are overworked and stretched to their limits because of the thousands of illegals invading our southern border. Our Customs Agents are professionals performing an impossible task. They save lives every day and are American heroes. It is wrong to slander these professionals. Mexican Cartels profit by organizing caravans and smuggling drugs and people across the border. 

ICE is not the agency dealing with families at the border by-the-way. ICE should not be abolished. I do plan to call or email Senator Hawley, but not to compel him to abolish ICE, but to ask him to support President Trump and build that wall.

Bob Wiley


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Wow. This is what happens when Fox News rots your brain. Nothing about this poorly researched rant is even remotely truthful.

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