Dear Editor:

In response to Dr. Fracica's letter (Aug. 26), it is clear he made the case for my earlier comments. Dr. Osterholm, Director, University of Minnesota Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRP), was not an author of the study I previously commented on, nor did the study discuss lockdowns. Dr. Osterholm's comments were made months after the original study was published. In my letter, I did not address the proposal of lockdowns as that is a political and governmental decision that should be made by authorities who are not limited to a purely medical perspective. 

I do agree with Dr. Fracica that mandating the use of masks is a last-ditch effort. In fact, a recent CDC statement on its website has a banner that reads, masks may not provide protection from COVID-19 infection. Reportedly, a recent letter from CDC to State Health Departments recommends that infection tracing should no longer include questions regarding the wearing of face covering as the collected data did not correlate with an increased or decreased rate of infection. Wearing or not wearing a mask seems to have little effect.

Dr. Fracica's letter also includes two quotes regarding "Hope..." and "Wishing.." I don't know the source of his quotes, but they certainly weren't from my comments. Finally, he refers to a "deer in the headlights". With the large infusion of COVID relief funds for Bothwell, maybe another even-toed ungulate, "cash cow" would be a more appropriate description. 

Reggie Cope 


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Wear a mask, dummy.

Where did you get your medical degree, Reggie? Facebook?


I agree as brilliant as my comments are, one would think I was a medical expert.

Wear a mask, dummy.

Yeah, no one thinks that.

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