Dear Editor:

The CDC recently made available a table showing comorbidities of COVID-19 deaths in the United States. This means we can now see who actually died FROM COVID-19, and who died WITH COVID-19. The data is jaw-dropping.

The CDC table explains that 94% of the people who have died in the US with their death classified as a COVID-19 death, actually died from other conditions such as respiratory disease, circulatory disease, and other underlying conditions. ( Table 3)

Americans who died WITH COVID as of 8/22/20: 161,392

Americans who died FROM COVID as of 8/22/20: 9,683

Missourians who died WITH COVID as of 8/23/20: 1,279

Missourians who died FROM COVID as of 8/23/20: 77

In comparison:

647,457 Americans die from heart disease each year.

599,108 Americans die from cancer each year.

169,936 Americans die from accidents each year.

9,683 Americans have died from COVID in 2020.

The COVID death numbers do not justify the hype. According to the CDC, 8,000 people in the United States die EVERY DAY from differing causes.

Our senior citizens are on lockdown. Our children are unable to participate in sports, schooling, and socializing. We are under mask mandates, quarantines, and social distancing guidelines. It is time to do the right thing and open up Missouri. Businesses are scared of fines, people are suffering, and livelihoods are being destroyed.

Let’s stop the hysteria. First order of business: rescind the Pettis County Health Center mandatory mask “rule.”

Kathi Oster


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Great article with the real facts. Yesterday, I traveled to our capitol, Jefferson City to have a vehicle serviced at a large dealership. It was like traveling back in time to pre-coronavirus days. No mask mandate in a county almost twice the size of Pettis County with an active caseload of 120 cases, similar to Pettis County. The difference is Cole County has a population of over 76,000 compared to 42,000 in Pettis County. Yes the box stores required masks, but most places didn't including restaurants. In Sedalia, according to LTC Martin's rules if you get up from your table in a restaurant for any purpose, you have to put a mask on. No such stupidity in our capitol city. It was wonderful to have a taste of freedom in the center of our state government.

Wear a mask, dummy.

You should move then.


Wear a mask, dummy.

None of this is true. It's irresponible to print this.


Why don't you write an actual letter to the editor so we can all read your brilliants thoughts? I guess you would probably prefer to stay a coward and hide behind your pseudonym. (If you know what that word means).

Wear a mask, dummy.

Anonymity has it's appeal. Maybe you should consider it. Don't you have some video tapes to return? I bet your mom wishes you had turned out more like your brothers.

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