Dear Editor:

Magic is all around us at this time of year but most do not slow down to appreciate it. 

I was at a Christmas concert last week and I saw a bit of the magic up close. My son and cousin love being together and I have a great picture of them walking hand in hand. Autism and genius walking hand in hand. Equal to each other in every way. That is what the season is about. Kids being kids. Kids do not see their differences, they just each other for who they are.

Magic is a family coming together to decorate their Christmas tree. Unpacking ornaments and singing carols and being together. These are the magical moments that we miss because we do not take the time to set back and appreciate what is all around us.

Magic is coming together as a family and spending the season with those “near and dear to us.” Families can be spread out which makes it all the more magical when they are able to come together. Being together is something to be savored and not looked at like a chore. The old saying is very true, you never know when you will be spending your last Christmas with someone. 

Enjoy it. Celebrate it. Embrace it. That is truly the magic of the season.

Megan Friedlander


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