Dear Editor:

We are the current residents of a West Broadway house built in Sedalia in 1904 by the Editor/Publisher of the Sedalia Democrat, Mr. A.D. Stanley. In June of 2018, we welcomed the three great-grandsons of Mr. Stanley to our house, as they were back in Sedalia for a family reunion.  

It was a pleasure visiting with the three Walch boys, Stan, Tony and Ted, for almost four hours.  We listened to wonderful stories about growing up in Sedalia during the 1940s and 1950s, from soldiers sleeping on the third floor during WWII, to when the three of them would ride their bikes around the dining room table when their dad wasn’t home. Many of you might remember their stepmom, Virginia Walch, a teacher in the Sedalia School District, who lived in our house until the mid-’70s. 

In the Democrat obituaries today, you’ll see one for William Stanley (Stan) Walch. While we only met Stan once, it feels like we’ve known him forever. 

During their visit, my wife (Becky Jaeger Wimann) pulled out a Smith-Cotton Archives from 1952. (We had this older yearbook because Becky’s dad was a teacher at Smith-Cotton during the ’50s until his passing in 1971) Well, to our surprise, Stan Walch not only graduated in 1952, he was the Editor-in-Chief of the yearbook that year. He was so proud to show us pictures of the Smith-Cotton football team that went 10-1, where he was a starter.   

We found out later through correspondence with Ted Walch, that Stan had stood before the U.S. Supreme Court on numerous occasions trying cases. Something humble Stan didn’t mention during his visit.  

RIP Stan Walch.

Jeff Wimann


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