Dear Editor:

I believe it is time we ask our younger generations what kind of world they wish us to leave them. I spoke to a thoughtful 20-year-old college student after the United Nations report on global biodiversity was released in May. She, and like-minded people her age, feel pretty powerless. They understand the gravity of the report and they also know they are mostly at the mercy of generations ahead of them — the ones currently driving the bus. 

The well researched UN report concludes that current economic and industrial systems will potentially cause the extinction of a million species by the end of the century. This is alarming! We learn about the food web in elementary school — a woven together fabric of Earth’s species. We humans are a thread in this fabric of millions of threads, and biodiversity is what makes the fabric strong. When we lose threads in the fabric it frays, develops holes, and becomes weak. No matter how we stand politically, I think we can all agree that losing a million threads in our tapestry would be devastating. 

The good news is that the report states there is still time to make a difference. There are many problems that need to be solved but just as we are good at creating problems, we are quite good at solving them. I have hope or I wouldn’t be writing this letter. I would like to challenge our community to come together as people who care about our children’s future, politics aside - this is not a partisan issue. Let’s start a conversation about how we can begin to problem solve so that we can leave future generations a world that is livable, healthy, and beautiful. 

Angela Palmer 


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