Dear Editor:

Refusing to wear a mask disregards the health of the entire community — friends, relatives and neighbors — and it risks overloading the health care facilities. The wearing of a mask is one simple thing that can be done to help slow the spread of the virus and it’s seen as a threat of some kind to personal liberties. One of the rights Americans don’t have is to injure others. For instance, you can’t drive drunk, for what might happen, or you can’t expose people to second-hand smoke.

If the number of cases continue to accelerate, our community businesses will have to be shut down. I can’t believe that anyone is so selfish as to want that. Nobody wants to wear a mask but the alternatives are much worse.

Jack Robinson


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I meant the mask may keep you from infecting others.


Have you not noticed, everyone is wearing a mask. Masks may keep you infecting others, but it doesn't protect you from getting the virus. Even CDC gets this, they no longer collect data on masking practices of infected people. The key is testing and isolation of those who have the virus. Unless our health officials do a better job providing guidance to the public, just saying wash your hands, socially distance and wear masks is not going to solve the problem. We need to know who, what and where in the community the virus is infecting without violating HIPAA rules.

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