My wife and I along with our children and grandchildren have spent the last several weeks moving from the little acreage south of Smithton where my wife and I spent the last 18-plus years to a small house here in Sedalia my mother and stepfather left me. 

I can tell you that I am not a fan of packing and unpacking. I read somewhere that the average family moves every seven years, but that isn’t my wife and I; we usually stay put. When we moved on to the little acreage south of Smithton, I thought it would be my last move. I guess that comes under the heading “never assume.” Our time on the 4.73 acres was very enjoyable and we already miss it.

The reason I am writing about this move is because I have written several columns over the years about the things my wife and I loved about the little acreage, and a lot of people commented on those columns, and they may wonder how we could leave a place we loved so much. The truth is we will miss the circle porch, the big tree-filled front yard, and the large number of animals that called the property home. We will miss sitting on that porch watching the deer jump the fences, and the squirrels stealing seeds from our bird feeders. A cup of coffee will not taste as good as it did on that front porch on a frosty morning bundled up against the cold. If I could have called back the years when the chores to maintain the property were more manageable for me I would still be there, but that is life.

Things I have found about moving won’t surprise anyone who has moved. As you move you discover things you had forgotten you owned, and were wishing you had at some time in the past. You also realize how many things you have that you have never used, and can’t figure out why you ever bought them. 

The hardest part of moving from a large house to a much smaller one, however, is figuring out what to put in the smaller house. And what to put in storage. Storing things, of course, has its own set of problems when your wife discovers she needs something that is buried deep in the storage building.

It pains me to say the move we have just made is going to be temporary because even though there are only two of us, my wife and I require more elbow room than the little house we are in now gives us. We also want to be closer to our children and grandchildren, which means we will be headed back to Smithton when we find a house that will hold the contents of this house and our storage building. 

It is my hope that we can find another home we will love as much as we did the one we just left; if we do I will be happy to share my family’s experiences in that home with the readers of the Sedalia Democrat.

Guest Columnist

Jack Miller is a longtime Sedalia resident, former radio news reporter and former Democrat contributing columnist.

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