Probably like most Americans, I was inclined to think of Black Lives Matter as something I could support. I believe that Black lives do matter, along with all lives regardless of color. I also believe strongly that unborn lives also matter, but there BLM and I part company.

Something else bothers me about this organization: If Black lives really matter, why do Blacks kill one another at such a high rate, mainly in our inner cities? Until that ongoing slaughter is addressed, and only the Black community can do it, BLM will be something of a misnomer.

As I delved deeper into BLM and its beliefs — make that demands — I detected a strong leftward tilt. A few examples:

• BLM’s radical demands are expressed in a “manifesto.” Interesting choice of words, since the most famous manifesto is “The Communist Manifesto,“ published in 1848 with Karl Marx as its co-author.

• The symbol of BLM is a clenched fist, a long-time Marxist logo.

• A BLM member is addressed as “comrade,” which is defined as “a person who supports ... the principles of communism.”

• BLM calls for a “global liberation movement” to overthrow U.S. “imperialism” and capitalism.

Having lived through the entire Cold War, all this is beginning to sound depressingly familiar.

The list of BLM’s demands is endless. They include legalization of prostitution and all drugs; giving the vote to convicted felons and illegal immigrants; a guaranteed income for Black Americans; free health care, education, food and abortion, and the abolishment of the police, jails and prisons. That’s merely a sampling.

BLM would cut the defense budget by 50% and shoot the income tax into the stratosphere to pay for its many demands.

It has no use for the traditional nuclear family — father, mother and children — dismissing it as a “Western” invention. It calls instead for “extended families and ‘villages’ that collectively care for one another . . .” The collective is another Marxist tenet.

The clincher as to where all this is heading comes from the mouth of one of BLM’s founders. Asked in an interview about BLM’s politics, Patrisse Cullors replied in part:  “. . . we are all trained Marxists.” That should settle any lingering doubts.

BLM isn’t just a set of beliefs, but in alliance with Antifa engages in violent and destructive actions, as we’re seeing all too clearly. That includes toppling every statue of figures prominent in American history, especially if they happened to be white.

Instead of taking action, elected officials in many places stand by and watch these mindless depredations. They could use some rebar from Sedalia’s Nucor mill inserted into their backbones.

I think the dominant issue in the upcoming presidential election may be emerging: the restoration of law and order in America. Joe Biden won’t run on that platform, but I suspect President Trump will.


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So you say that racism isn't allowed in the comments, but print this racist trash? I'll be cancelling my subscription as long as he is kept on a contributer.


Doug is usually pretty out there but this takes the cake. I'm all for free discourse but this argument is baseless if not completely false. Well below what should be the standards of the Democrat.

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