When Winston Churchill became prime minister of Great Britain in May of 1940, he formed a National Coalition Government composed of all political parties in the House of Commons. Politics took a backseat to the one supreme, overriding goal – winning the war, which looked very doubtful at that point.

Britain’s national government remained in place throughout the war, with political opponents working together in relative harmony. Even in America there was a degree of bipartisan cooperation in Congress that has all but disappeared today. Just consider what has become the top priority of Democrats.

Surf the web, and you’ll find that whenever “coronavirus and Democrats“ pops up, it’s almost always an attack on President Trump for some alleged failure to do his duty. His political opponents have been on Trump’s back ever since his nomination for president, so this is nothing new. But Trump isn’t the enemy of America, the coronavirus is. His critics need to learn the difference.

President Trump has declared himself a “wartime president,“ which is appropriate. We’re not in a shooting war, but it’s a war nevertheless, and truly a world war. The enemy, although unseen, has left a trail of death, sickness and grave economic damage in more than 210 countries.

Perhaps it’s too much to ask in an election year, but a unified national front against the coronavirus is badly needed. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi wasn’t helping matters when she accused President Trump of being directly responsible for more than 2,200 COVID-19 deaths in this country.

Pelosi is desperate. She fears the House’s impeachment of President Trump may not play out as expected and could cost her the speakership. So Democrats are attacking Trump at every turn in their unending search for something – anything – that might bring him down.

If members of Parliament in Britain had behaved like this during World War II, Hitler would have been in Buckingham Palace in no time.

Although he was late in recognizing the dangers of the pandemic, President Trump has done many things right. After assuming wartime presidential powers, he closed our borders to Chinese nationals and those who had recently traveled in China, as well as to European travelers; he assembled a task force of the best infectious disease brains in the nation to advise him; he put strict behavioral guidelines into effect to reduce the spread of the virus, and greatly expanded production of ventilators to treat the sick. He sent naval hospital ships to both the West and East Coasts and has kept the American people fully informed of developments. Needless to say, he did all this in the face of withering criticism from Democrats and the news media.

If President Trump‘s performance hasn’t been right 100% of the time, that was only to be expected. The coronavirus is a “novel” virus, which means it’s new, never having been seen by medical science before. In addition, it’s hard to be fully prepared for a hyper-infectious virus for which there’s no medicine to treat it nor vaccine to prevent it.

Pelosi’s reckless charges might win her party some votes in November, but they won’t help win the war that’s steadily weakening America with every passing day. Exploiting this crisis for political gain is reprehensible, and that goes for both parties. For that reason, I think President Trump was out of line when he put his name on stimulus checks that went out to many Americans.

I doubt Washington’s preoccupation with politics is shared by many Americans right now. They have more important things on their minds – like surviving a pestilence that threatens both them and their livelihoods.


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