The Christian Campus Connection, or C3 as we call it, is a club affiliated at State Fair Community College. When I arrived at Calvary Baptist Church in August 2018, I suggested to Pastor Satterwhite that we find a way to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the SFCC campus. He said that sounded like a great idea and to run with it. So over the next few months, I reached out to some people I knew and we had our first meeting in November 2018. Several local churches were represented and with some guidance from the Missouri Baptist Convention, we were off and running.

In our first meeting, I stated, “As believers, we need to come together for the building of the Kingdom of God.” If this adventure was going to be about a church or denomination then it would be doomed to fail. With that, we found the common ground, the Gospel of Jesus Christ to which we could share with everyone we come into contact with.

We reached out to students we knew at SFCC, inviting them to come to a pre-meeting to see what interest there might be for this kind of club. Thinking maybe two or three students would show up at Ozark Coffee, we had 12 students come who were very excited that we cared enough to bring the Gospel to them. Shortly after that meeting, we received several texts asking, “Why do we have to wait until September 2019 to start this club, can we start now?” So, we started meeting unofficially in April of this year and throughout the summer.

You may be wondering what the main purpose of C3 is, when and where do they meet, how can I help? These are great questions: the purpose of C3 is to represent Jesus and promote the Gospel in a loving environment to the students of SFCC, while promoting community and fellowship, loving students where they are, thus fostering growth for a successful future.

Andy B., one of the leaders, says, “C3 gives them a chance to connect to God and others, a place to grow and deepen their walk with God and foster relationships with other students.” Our greatest goal is to increase the students’ awareness of who God is, to help them develop their relationship with Him, and to be bold in sharing their faith with their fellow students.

We meet every at 3 p.m. Thursday in Yeager Building room 134. There we have snacks, Bible study, worship and fellowship. This is open to all State Fair students, and we welcome pastors and leaders to come and support these students. 

Cindy D. remarks that “C3 is bringing students together who may not otherwise connect. Helping them realize that they can always find someone who will walk with them as they grow in their faith.”

How can you help? You may contact one of these three churches — First Baptist Church Sedalia, Cindy Decker; Encounter Church (formerly Bethel Assembly), Andy Basham; or Calvary Baptist Church Sedalia, Jonathan Wallenbeck. 

The type of assistance that is needed varies, but prayer is always needed. Of course financial support would be welcomed to help cover the cost of food and other supplies, and we could absolutely use emotional support. What do I mean? Each of these students have lots of things they are going through and can use someone to talk to, someone to mentor them. You might not be able to give, but you could share your knowledge, experiences, and how God has helped you through life. This is what every one of us needs, come be a mentor today, contact one of the people above and they will connect you with a student.

Luke, a student who started coming a couple of weeks ago, said, “It has been great being able to meet with other people that have the same beliefs as me and can relate to my struggles.” It is for these reasons that C3 was started, connecting students to each other, connecting them to Jesus Christ and helping them build that relationship with Christ that will last them a lifetime.

I believe I can speak for every student and leader when I say, we need your prayers that God will use this club to change the hearts and minds of students, impact not only people here in Sedalia but around the world for His kingdom.

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