Father’s Day is a good day to reflect on and give thanks for our fathers, those who are still with us as well as those who have gone on. If you had a good father then you were indeed blessed. More than one-third of children today have grown up without their biological father in the home. A large percentage of children have neither a father nor a father figure. Some have grown up or grew up with an abusive father and for them, it might have been better if there was no father in their home.

I’m so thankful for my father. He has now been gone for 24 years but I still miss him greatly. He taught me the importance of faith, family and hard work. From the time I was 7 years old, I worked an early morning paper route (Tampa Tribune) with my dad. He had more than a thousand customers and it was a lot of work to deliver those papers every day. Dad also had a full-time job selling insurance on a debit route. He taught me the importance of hard work and honesty. 

He also taught me something important about taking time away and going on vacation. I can count on one hand the number of vacations my family took together while I was growing up. It is for that reason that vacations with my family are so important to me. 

Finally, and most importantly, my dad taught me the value of faith and modeled that by making sure his family was in church. There has never been a season of my life when I wasn’t involved in serving Jesus Christ through His church. I can thank my father for that.

If you didn’t have a good father growing up or never really had a father, I want to remind you that God has promised to be a father to the fatherless. As the current song says, “You’re a good Father, it’s who you, it’s who you are. And I’m loved by you, it’s who I am, it's who I am.” I’m also thankful for my heavenly Father who has always been there for me. He can and will be there for you as well.

Fatherhood in our country is suffering as more than one-third of the children in America are going to bed without their biological father in the home. One in four children is growing up without a father figure or a male role model. A man never stands so tall than when he stoops to help a child. Christian men are needed who are willing to step in and fill in the gap for these kids who are seeking someone to look up to.

The problem is so many men have failed to be the spiritual leader they ought to be. Dads need to take the responsibility seriously and be the spiritual leader in their homes. God gives men the task of being the leader, provider, protector as they love their wives and children. The most important thing outside of leading the family to know and follow Jesus Christ is for men to love their wives and children unconditionally. Love requires time and commitment and will require a tremendous amount of energy. The payoff will be worth it as you see your family united in following Christ and in harmony with each other. There is a spiritual deficit in our churches today because men haven’t stepped up to the plate and taken the time to invest in their family in a way that will last for eternity.

I hope this Father’s Day has reminded you that you have the responsibility to lead your family to know and follow the Lord Jesus Christ. It is my prayer that you will follow Christ and lead your wife and children to do the same. Take the time to read the word of God together as a family and to pray for one another. When a child hears their dad praying for them it gives them a feeling of love and security. Have your children ever had that privilege? Today would be a good day to begin praying together as a family. This Sunday would be a good time for dads to say, let’s get up and become a part of the gathered church today. 

Let’s turn the statistics around and begin to raise a Godly generation. There is hope for America, especially if the fathers would begin following the Lord Jesus Christ.

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