My boyfriend, his kids and I are super into movies. We talk about movies, go to a lot of movies, etc. In fact, when Marvel announced Phase Four of its movies I made them come back over to my apartment so we could discuss the reboot of “Blade” and Natalie Portman playing “Thor.”

We were all hanging out one night when I asked if they had watched the trailer for the new movie “Cats.” Kayla, my boyfriend’s daughter, she said she had seen a screenshot and refused to watch the trailer because the CGI humanoid cats looked too weird. As I am a horrible person, I pulled the trailer up on YouTube and forced them to watch it. Their reactions to the trailer gave us the idea that if they get in trouble between now and Christmas they will be forced to watch the full-length movie but it also got me thinking about the state of new movies.

It seems like every time I turn around another movie is being rebooted or another sequel or prequel is coming out. Since I have been alive, there have been four different versions of Spiderman that I can think of and at least four different Batmans. Also, some series tend to go on forever; I think we are on Fast and the Furious 1,000 or something. Even the truly creepy looking “Cats” is just a new version of the “Cats” movie. 

It seems like it has been getting harder and harder to find new movies that aren’t part of a larger cinematic universe or a remake.

Honestly, this summer has been decent for independent or smaller budget movies. “The Dead Don’t Die” was a fun zombie movie that was unique. “Midsommar” was horrifying but totally original. “Yesterday” was a cute romp about everyone forgetting The Beatles ever existed. But, most of these movies had small marketing budgets (compared to blockbusters). And it is harder for independent theaters (like Galaxy in Sedalia) to get a hold of them to screen.

Apparently, I am not the only moviegoer who is sick of the onslaught of non-original movies because, believe it or not, ticket sales are way down. Even blockbusters like “The Avengers” couldn’t save the year so far. In Quarter One of 2019, ticket sales were down nationwide by 15%, which is a six-year low. The good news is nationwide ticket prices are going down, which is nice. But, I wonder at what point that Hollywood might start thinking about putting more emphasis on original content. According to Variety magazine, Hollywood is counting on “The Lion King,” “Spiderman: Far From Home,” and “Hobbes of Shaw” to save the ticket sales of 2019. All three of these are all remakes, reboots and sequels. 

Honestly, I haven’t heard anything really great about the new “Lion King” from people who have seen it. I did hear the new Spiderman is awesome but my neurologist’s son is in it. So my doctor might be a little biased. But, I hope Hollywood changes things up in the future. It is always refreshing to see something different.

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