Bombers outfielder AJ Gardner leads seven Sedalia MINK League All-Star selections and will compete in the home run derby 5:30 p.m. Wednesday at Phil Welch Stadium in St. Joseph.

Pitchers Brandon Babin, Jackson Schmedding and Justin Root join Gardner, Jake Lufft, Tre Turner and Nick Hagedorn in the MINK League North lineup. The North defeated their southern counterparts last season 12-3.

The Bombers also represent the defending champion, Gavin Jones, in the home run derby. Gardner currently leads the league with six home runs in 11 games.

Babin, Schmedding and Root have combined for an ERA of 2.14 across 52.2 innings — about half of the season’s innings pitched — with 45 strikeouts and 12 walks.

Lufft has two home runs, 14 RBis and a team-high six doubles in eight games. Hagedorn is tied with Gardner for the team lead in RBIs (19) and is batting a league-best .533.

Tre Turner (Nicholls State) has started in center field for all 12 games and leads the Bombers with 13 walks and nine stolen bases.

Joplin Outlaws outfielder Zack Ehlen, of State Fair Community College and Central Missouri, was named to his second consecutive MINK League North All-Star team.


The Bombers play 12 of their final 19 regular-season games at Liberty Park Stadium. They start the second half of the season Thursday at Nevada before a three-game home slate with St. Joseph and Chillicothe.

After a July 3-6 road trip to Clarinda, St. Joseph, Jefferson City, and Chillicothe, the Bombers return for eight straight games in Sedalia. By the time Sedalia completes a three-game series with Joplin on July 16, the Bombers will have four games remaining on the schedule — and a divisional race to defend.

Sedalia currently trails the St. Joseph Mustangs (12-4) by one game for first place in the MINK League North.

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Brandon Babin (Sedalia Bombers)

Justin Root (Sedalia Bombers)

Jack Schmedding (Sedalia Bombers)

Austin Brooks (St. Joseph Mustangs)

Mack Stephenson (St. Joseph Mustangs)

Cam Bednar (St. Joseph Mustangs)

Jake Purl (St. Joseph Mustangs)

Jack Albright (Chillicothe Mudcats)

Jack McNellis (Chillicothe Mudcats)

Cooper Harris (Clarinda A's)


Jake Lufft (Sedalia Bombers)

Jackson Dierenfeldt (St. Joseph Mustangs)

Jack Wagner (St. Joseph Mustangs)

Terrance Spurlin (St. Joseph Mustangs)

Drew Beazley (St. Joseph Mustangs)

Tate Wargo (Chillicothe Mudcats)

Marcus Gonzalez (Chillicothe Mudcats)

Nolan Metcalf (Chillicothe Mudcats)


A.J. Gardner (Sedalia Bombers)

Tre Turner (Sedalia Bombers)

Derek Hussey (St. Joseph Mustangs)

Jack Grace (Chillicothe Mudcats)

Blaine Ray (Chillicothe Mudcats)

Will Hanafan (Clarinda A's)


Nick Hagedorn (Sedalia Bombers)

Jordan Maxson (St. Joseph Mustangs)


Nate Bentura (Clarinda A's)

Logan Eickhoff (Chillicothe Mudcats)


A.J. Gardner (Sedalia Bombers)

Karl Koerper (St. Joseph Mustangs)

Nolan Metcalf (Chillicothe Mudcats)

Noah Menchaca (Clarinda A's)



Tyson Campbell (Ozark Generals)

Bryan Adames (Ozark Generals)

Lane Threlkeld (Jefferson City Renegades)

Connor McKenna (Jefferson City Renegades)

Brett Biggs (Joplin Outlaws)

Nozomu Yumauchi (Joplin Outlaws)

Walker Johnson (Nevada Griffons)

Alec Telles (Nevada Griffons)

Nicholas Proto (Ozark Generals)

Dalton Weaver (Joplin Outlaws)


Donovan Sutti (Joplin Outlaws)

Paul Haupt (Jefferson City Renegades)

Freilin Cabrera (Joplin Outlaws)

Eli Harrison (Nevada Griffons)

Wesley Anderson (Ozark Generals)

Peyton Leeper (Jefferson City Renegades)

Dede Cole (Jefferson City Renegades)

Joe Kinder (Joplin Outlaws)


Zack Ehlen (Joplin Outlaws)

Domonique Hernandez (Nevada Griffons)

Harrison Stevens (Ozark Generals)

Lucas Riddick (Ozark Generals)

Thomas Ruether (Jefferson City Renegades)

Brayland Skinner (Nevada Griffons)


Ryan Lober (Joplin Outlaws)

Griffin Larsen (Nevada Griffons)


Nicholas Proto (Ozark Generals)

Clint Allen (Nevada Griffons)


Chris O'Neal (Nevada Griffons)

Lucas Riddick (Ozark Generals)

Donovan Sutti (Joplin Outlaws)

Logan Haring (Jefferson City Renegades)


Sports Editor

Alex Agueros is the sports editor for the Sedalia Democrat, covering games and sports features in Sedalia and Pettis County and surrounding areas. He can be reached at 660-530-0142 or on Twitter @abagueros2.

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