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Club notes June 19


Be Forever Young 

Be Forever Young met at Parkview Christian Church Monday, June 14, after a 14-month hiatus due to COVID-19. Fourteen members attended. President Elayne Gordon introduced herself as a child of God and a follower of Jesus Christ, who had traded his life for hers.

Gordon opened the meeting with an enthusiastic welcome back to members and welcome to visitors Kay and Jim Butler. The group voted to make masks optional during the meeting, to have those unvaccinated wear a mask during times of travel on the bus, and to use hand sanitizer before meals. 

Gordon asked the group for their prayer needs and to share their blessings, she then prayed.

Mary Saylor had her 94th birthday June 5, and the group sang happy birthday to her. The member’s information list that includes addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, and preferred mode of communication was updated.

Gordon read the meeting minutes that had been submitted by the club’s secretary, Bonnie Weathers. The minutes were accepted. Weathers has resigned from her position as secretary due to family obligations. A request for a new secretary went out to the club.

The treasurer’s report was not available at the time of the meeting. The club will not collect monthly dues during the 14-month hiatus.

The devotion, given by Gordon, was entitled “Can Anything Good Come from a Pandemic?”  During the devotion, members were asked to consider and share with the club the good things they experienced as a result of the pandemic. Gordon shared her experiences with the club that included loss of family and friends and the added stress COVID-19 put on the medical laboratory where she currently works. But she found through prayer and the realization of how important personal relationships are to each of us, there were things for which to be grateful, even during the pandemic.

As a point of Old Business, the club voted to contact The New Theatre and explore the details in signing a six-show season pass for a minimum of eight guests. A new bus driver will be needed, as Bob Zink has resigned from that position. Gordon expressed her gratitude for the years that Zink had driven the group to The New Theatre.

In New Business, signup sheets were distributed so that members could volunteer to perform duties in the coming months, including hosting the luncheon, giving the devotion, and investigating entertainment topics.

Gordon then handed the meeting over to Janet Proctor with the Center for Human Services, who spoke about the benefits of the warm water provided at the Garlich Activity Center at the Jack Bluhm Memorial Pool, 4415 W. Main St. in Sedalia. The Garlich Activity Center includes a 12-by-24-foot heated pool. At 4.5-feet deep, and surrounded by bars for easier accessibility, the 8,400-gallon pool is clean, maintained by Proctor. Class sizes range from seven to 10 per class. 

Rodney Brown led in the Lord’s Prayer, and the group enjoyed a pot luck luncheon hosted by Rhonda Zink and Sandra Ficken. The meeting was adjourned. The next meeting will be July 12.

Beta Sigma Phi Gamma Epsilon Master Chapter

With all the craziness of 2020 and 2021, the closings, the social distancing, the masks and all the other serious issues of the COVID-19 pandemic, the chapter was very elated to be able to host a few meetings to end the year.

The chapter did host an outdoor meeting in September 2020 to discuss the meetings for the rest of the year. Many members felt best that the meetings be put on a hold pattern until more was known about the COVID-19 virus. So, the chapter voted to revisit meetings in January 2021.  With all the restrictions, the chapter did not start back up until April 2021.

Through all of the off months, several chapter members had health issues and loss of family members. Many of the Beta Sigma Phi sisters from other local chapters also experienced these as well. So sad, that members were unable to be there to support the families in those times of illness and loss, but with their thoughts and prayers.

The officers for the 2021-2022 year will be Connie Thompson, president, Helene Wolf, vice-president, Martha Briscoe, corresponding secretary, Esther DeGraff, recording secretary, Laura Stean, treasurer, and Donna Morgan, executive officer. It’s exciting to be able to participate in meetings.

The chapter is excited to welcome Jackie Dirch to the chapter. She was reinstated to Beta Sigma Phi in April 2021.  


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