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Club Notes March 2


Ringen Brushy 4-H

The regular monthly meeting of the Ringen Brushy 4-H Club was hosted Wednesday, Feb. 14, at the Smithton School cafeteria.

Members present were 28, and officers, four. Roll call answer was, "What’s your favorite fruit?" The meeting was called to order by Buzz Harris, president, and the minutes were recorded by Josie Peck, secretary. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. The treasurer's report was read and approved.

Under Old Business:

T-shirts were discussed and it was decided to push back the dues for the money to the March meeting.

Under New Business:

Project meeting reports were discussed and RJ Asberry had a sheep meeting in which they filled out their project record forms. Adler May had a ham meeting where he started to cure his ham.

Cindy read to the members all the project leaders for this year and the ones that were still needed for the remaining projects.

The demonstrations for the night included Abram May, how to solve a Rubix cube; Reese Niebruegge, parts of a violin; Jorie Jackson, different products to use on goats; and lastly Ty Riggs, how to clean a gun.

Cindy and Chase Stone explained what camp is as well as team conference and Congress.

Sheila Amos brought in materials and demonstrated what members would be doing for the next meeting, which will be making burp cloths for the local hospital. And also reminded everyone to bring in flannel to use.

The remaining awards from the recognition banquet were handed out to the 4-H members.

Under Announcements:

Future meetings will be March 13, April 10, and May 8 at the Smithton School cafeteria.

Cindy announced to watch for the newsletter for upcoming countywide project meeting dates.

Abram May made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Ethan Morris seconded the motion.