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Club notes March 27


Dresden 4-H Club

Dresden 4-H Club held its meeting, Sunday, March 21, at the La Monte United Methodist Church. The meeting was called to order at 2 p.m. by Reagan Sneed, president, with four members, two guests, and two leaders present.

American and 4-H pledges were led by Samuel Dehan and Rhett Sneed.

Membership roll call was, “Which would you rather do? Go to a rodeo or bake cookies and why?”

February minutes were read by Eli Dehan, treasurer, and approved as read. The treasurer’s report was given by Eli Dehan and approved as presented.

Under Old Business:

Project Reports: Reagan Sneed talked about leading her show cattle. Rhett Sneed explained how they were mixing feed for their animals, including the different amounts put into the feeding mix. Reagan said they made small baby cakes for their friend's baby shower. Eli Dehan talked about the new babies being born this spring and tagging them. He has also been tying up his show animals and brushing them to help gentle them. Samuel Dehan worked on getting Bella to listen to him when there are lots of people around.

Under New Business:

Pettis County Achievement Days will be July 5 and 6. The location will be determined later. Pettis County Junior Livestock Show will be July 11 and 12, and the Pettis County Horse Show is June 19.

Sharon Bruner and Kay Sparks attended the Pettis County 4-H Council Meeting March 18. The council adopted its new constitution. A major change is 4-H membership is due Dec. 1 of the 4-H year. A $20 late fee will be assessed after that. Announcements were made about different county project meeting times and events.

The next meeting will be at 5 p.m. April 18 at the La Monte United Methodist Church.

Eli Dehan made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Rhett Sneed. Meeting adjourned.

Minutes were submitted by Austin Wood, Dresden 4-H Club Reporter. 

Manila 4-H Club 

The Manila 4-H Club hosted its meeting March 21.

Megan Rice gave the Pledge of Allegiance and Ava Burkhalter gave the 4-H Pledge. 

In attendance were Elliott Cooley, Elyse Cooley, Bailey Hawkins, Megan Rice, Ava Burkhalter, and Kaley Burkhalter.

Under New Business: This is a learning year as the club has new leadership and nothing was passed down from previous leaders. The new leader didn’t know our club had a checking account because she thought it was dissolved in previous years. She has since learned otherwise. She will be getting that taken care of. 

It was brought to attention that the new slate of officers were not turned into the office. 

Officers are as follows: President Kaley Burkhalter; Vice President Megan Rice; Secretary Elliott Cooley; Reporter/Treasurer Ava Burkhalter; Historian Bailey Hawkins;  Game Leader Elyse Cooley.



A motion was made, voted on, and passed to remove any and all old signers on the Manila 4-H Club banking account at Equity Bank and add Brandy Burkhalter as the main signer. 

B. Burkhalter stated she was in touch with the 4-H office to see about getting the old admins removed from the existing Manila Facebook page and add her as admin. 

Update on Pettis County Livestock Show: Show will be conducted like a Jackpot Show. The fee that is taken out will not be a flat fee like years past, it will be prorated. Everything will be on Monday except for Dairy Goats. There is no need for pre-registration, just show up that morning. It will not be a 4-H event because they are still not being allowed to participate in events with more than 50 people in attendance. 

With nothing new to discuss, the meeting was adjourned. 

Minutes were recorded by Ava Burkhalter, reporter.

Sedalia Photo Club

The Sedalia Photo Club hosted its regular monthly meeting on Thursday, March 18.

Club members revised the monthly photo assignment list.

Carolyn Bauer, Vice President, informed members of photo contests.

March’s monthly photo theme was “key, keyhole, lock.” The color print winners were Carolyn Bauer, Betsy Gerke, and Beverly Gerke. The black-and-white print winners were Betsy Gerke, Beverly Gerke, and Kathryn Marshall.

Club members critiqued a set of photos that Beverly Gerke, president, provided. This was an interesting learning process.

The meeting was adjourned. Refreshments were served.

The April photo theme is “shoes.”


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