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People should be concerned about banking proposal


Dear Editor:

I was very surprised that it took the bank in the small town of La Monte, MO to post a full page notice in the November 6, 2021 edition of the Sedalia Democrat concerning what the current administration is trying to get passed as a part of the Budget Reconciliation package. 

All banks would be required to report all bank account deposits and withdrawals to the IRS for tax verification purposes. With all of the banks and financial institutions that are in Sedalia, why haven't some of them been speaking up in public? This is something that everyone needs to know.

I first learned of this from another source awhile back and heard it was all transactions that were $600 or more. Then I heard later that it had been proposed to include all transactions. I certainly think it is audacious that some officials in Washington D.C. would even dare to suggest this and I would urge everyone to do as the ad requests. Contact the people that represent us in Washington D.C. Contact information is given for each one in the newspaper ad.

This action has certainly reminded me of some words that have been attributed to Thomas Jefferson. They go something like this, "A nation big enough to give you everything you want, is also big enough to take away everything that you have." 

Vicki Winston

La Monte