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Police Reports Feb. 3


This list is a sampling of crime in Sedalia and the surrounding areas. Information is taken from official police reports, which do not necessarily contain statements from all parties involved in each case. 

Sedalia Police Department Arrests

Feb. 1

11:47 p.m.: Gary D. Ingram, 43, of the 900 block of West Fourth Street, was arrested for driving with a suspended license. An officer conducted a stop on the 800 block of West Fourth Street. During the investigation, the driver was arrested for driving while suspended/revoked and transported to the Pettis County Jail and placed on a 24-hour hold. 

Pettis County Sheriff’s Office 

Jan. 26

9:13 p.m.: A green 1998 Dodge Ram pickup that ran from a deputy was spotted in the 400 block of East Olive in La Monte. A stop was attempted at the city limits, but the driver fled, passing a motorist and reaching speeds in excess of 80 mph. The driver continued north on Highway 127, and was finally pulled over in the northern part of the county and taken into custody after resisting arrest, fleeing, and creating a substantial risk of serious injury or death. The suspect’s name was not mentioned in the report. 

Jan. 28

4:30 p.m.: Nicholas Shipley was arrested by Pettis County deputies for speeding near Missouri Route HH on U.S. Route 65. Shipley’s vehicle was checked traveling southbound at 104 mph in a 65 mph zone. Shipley was arrested and booked into the Pettis County Jail and later released on a summons. 

Jan. 29

3:11 a.m.: Michael Davis Russell was contacted by Pettis County deputies after he had been seen driving in a reckless manner on Elm Hills Boulevard in Pettis County. Russell was found to be in possession of a white powdery substance and was placed on a 24-hour hold pending charges of possession of a controlled substance. 

Feb. 1

10:14 p.m.: A Pettis County deputy on patrol noticed a silver 2012 Ford Taurus parked on Oak Grove Lane just west of the low water crossing with the front end parked in the roadway. The registration belonged to a 1999 Chevy pickup. There was no owner attached to the VIN and it appeared the car had been underwater. The Taurus was towed. 

11:30 p.m.: Thomas W. Bentley was questioned by Pettis County deputies after they conducted a vehicle stop in the area of Third Street and Lamine Avenue in Sedalia. Bentley was subsequently arrested and transported to the Pettis County Jail and placed on a 24-hour hold pending state felony charges of driving with a suspended license.


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