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Real estate transactions April 13


April 5

Bradley M. and Gina B. Blankenship to Coulten Koetting and Aubry L. Burns, ER Don Villa, lot 19. 

Wells Fargo National Bank to Veterans Administration, Southwest Village Tract A, lot 13, block 10. 

JML Remodeling LLC to Nadezhda A. Golub, Green Ridge Evered, lots 1, 2, block 11. 

Jason and Jenny Hostetler to Midwest Organics Nutrition LLC, section 24; township 47; range 21. 

Jonathan E. and Sarah Wilson to J4 Farms LLC, and Kevin G. and Sheryl D. Stoll, Section 36; township 48; range 20; section 25; township 48; range 20.

Andrey and Yuliya Donets to Michael Espinosa and Allison Swart, Hunter’s Ridge 2nd subdivision, lot 26. 

Gabriela Galvan and Ariana Martinez to Irma Torres and Gabriela Almazan, Dean’s Subdivision, lot 4. Jerome W. and Jody L. Anderson to Victor Victorich Faric, Hasting’s Addition, lot 10, block 1. 

April 6

Jack G. and Judy M. Florida to Scott and Ana Stoos, section 30; township 45; range 23.

Allison Saert and Michael Espinosa to Jeffrey S. and Julie A. McCrea, Westmoreland Place Addition, lot 1, block 2. 

David and Sonia Fall to Tammy L. Brown, Katy Trail West Phase 2, lot 34. 

Paul R. and Penny Ford to Kevin G. and Jennifer Lutjen, Perry’s Addition, lot 4, block 3. 

Birdsong Family Trust, Kim J. Birdsong Trustee and Jana L. Birdsong Trustee to Elizabeth and Matthew Robert Heitman, Walnut Hills South, lot 39.

Katherine Elizabeth Gaefe to Harry Alan Morse Sr. and Melody Joy Morse, Fairview Place, blocks 27, 26. 

April 8

Nicolle L. and Chad Ragsdale to Alfredo Enrique Gonzalez, Martin and Cotton’s 3rd Addition, lots, 4, 5, 6, 7, block 5. 

Kimberly Retherford, Jennifer Keilman Hartzell and John Taylor Herschel Hartzell to Shelby Sue Parker, section 9; township 45; range 21. 

Cynitha Stroble to James and Ramona Saluto, section 11; township 46; range 23. 

Rock A. and Denise R. Hoffman to Eric D. Hain, Country Club Estates, lot 27. 

Melvin Patrick and Cheryl Kay Nay to Michael Byrd, Heard’s 2nd Addition, lots 15, 16, block 6. 

Michael Byrd to Booze and Byrd Properties Land LLC, Heard’s 2nd Addition, lots 15, 15, block 6. 

April 8

Patrick Lynn and Tamala Jo Henderson to Michael R. and Pamela Williams, section 4; township 45; range 20. 

Ellen Kullman, Paul Ruiz, Michael K. Kullman and Patricia Kullman Ruiz to Travis Berry, section 16; township 45; range 21. 

Keele Construction Inc. to Next Home Properties LLC, section 9; township 45; range 21. Marvin E. and Sandra J. Gibson to Vladmir Vinnichuk, section 12 and 13; township 45; range 21. 

James O. and Hazel M. Snavely to Rudolph Jeffrey Oelrichs, E Brown Addition, lots 5, 6, block 4.

April 9

Jose A. Cervantes to Keel Construction Inc., Clifton Woods Addition, lot 6, block D. 

Tricai Kullma Ruiz, Paul Ruiz, Ellen Kullman and Michael Kullman to Travis Berry, section 16; township 45; range 21. 

Robert A. and Melissa Slaughter to Michael A. and Dara D. Wood, section 13; township 44; range 20. 

Johnson Farms Incorporated to Autumn and Tyler J. Freitas, Maplewood 7th Subdivision, lot 103. 

Specialized New Homes LLC to Vyacheslav and Nataliya Rebikh, Rolling Hills Peplat, lot 8, lot 11. 

David P. and Karen D. Gerken to Eric S. and Jennifer A. Dillion, section 31; township 47; range 22.