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Real estate transactions April 20


April 12

Henry A. and Helen J. Gray to Chessa B. Dixson, S and G Addition, lots 13, 14.

Brenden L. and Cheyanne G. Wissman to Dmitriy and Irina Ostarkov, Westmoreland Place Addition, block E.

Veterans Administration to Brett Boller, Heard’s Addition, lots 17, 18, block 2.

Lindsey S. McFarland to Volodymyr and Ruslana Koshurko, West View Addition 2nd Part, lot 7, block 23.

ET Investments LLP to Eugene Limanskiy, Cambridge Village, lot 26.

ET Investments LLP to Roman and Yullya Limanskly, Cambridge Village, lot 27.

Kenneth J. and Kathy L. Page to Daniel Deleon, Brown’s ET 2nd and 3rd Addition, lot 3, block 9.

Patricia and Samuel Trelow to Patricia and Samuel Trelow, section 32; township 45, range 20.

April 13

Dustin and Courtney Ferrel to Bradley and Gina Blankenship, section 33, township 45; range 22.

Keele Construction Inc. to Zurab Gudishvili, section 9; township 45; range 21.

Classic Property LLC to Mark W. and Julie J. Schrader, Green Ridge, lots 7, 8, block 6.

Andrew Joseph and Danielle Richardson to Mark W. and Julie Schrader, Green Ridge, lots 7, 8, block 6.

Pillars of Pettis County to Christian and Dinah Dobrowski, Dal Whi Mo Place, lots 8, 9, block 2.

Randy K. and Lisa Tanguay to Ivan and Olga Lebed, Chapel Woods Estates, lot J; section 14; township 45; range 21.

Karen Ellis to Michael Shane and Mary J. Fethke Rathmann, Cotton Brother’s 1st and 2nd Addition, lots 9, 10, block 31.

Thomas Bradley and Camille Maryanne Killion to Thomas Bradley and Camille Maryanne Killion, section 22; township 47; range 22.

Tyler Jacob and Autumn Freitas to Quvonta Stephone Raymal Moore, Coe’s Addition, lot 2, block 4.

Kroeger Properties III LLC to Expert Construction LLC, Gable’s Phase 2, lot 23; section 17; township 45; range 21. 

James E. and Marietta R. Weber to Gary Stone Construction LLC, McVey’s 3rd Addition, lots 6, 5, block 2; section 2; township 45; range 21.  

Chessa D. Dixson to Alexis and Jamey Shepherd, Dundee Place, lots 26, 27, block 2.

April 14, 2021

Roman and Svitlana Sorokpud to Romas and Olha Radchuk, section 21; township 45; range 21.

B and K Five LLC to Inmotion Industries LLC, section 17; township 45; range 21.

Dave A. and Jennifer Smith to Dave A. and Jennifer Smith, section 29; township 45; range 20.

James R. Reid Sr. and Linda L. Reid to Mican LLC, Arlington Heights Addition, block D; West View Addition 2nd Part, lot 6, block 27; section 5; township 45; range 21.

Kroeger Properties III LLC to Katie Touchstone section 17; township 45; range 21.

Paul J. Bertschy to Mark A. Bertschy, section 19; township 46; range 23.

April 15

Angela M. and Timothy D. Ehlers to Lucas D. Reynolds and Kelsey M. Ehlers, section 24; township 46; range 22.

Andrew S. and Casey E. Brinton to Xavier P. Shoemaker, Clifton Woods Addition, lots 3, 4, block D.

April 16

Behome LLC to Whitney Douglas, Belair Lake Estates, lot 5; section 12; township 44; range 22.

Gayle and Bart Hiller and Donald F. and Brenda J. Eckhoff to Cara and Andrew Moulton, section 28; township 46; range 20.

Bessie Jeanette Viebrock to Joseph Andrew Moon, section 34; township 45; range 21.  

Dennis R. and Jacquelyn Fisher to Maxim and Doyna Bologan, Katy Trail West 4th Plat, lot 4.

Kevin N. and Kimberly Ann Edwards to Jack S. Lamie. ER Don Villa, lot 16. Willem Leon and Riley Gabbert to Eric and Bonnie Kempf, section 6; township 47; range 20; section 7; township 47; range 20.

Jeffrey L. and Annette C. Owens to William John and Wendi Ann Bicket, section 32; township 44; range 22.