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Real estate transactions Aug. 17


Aug. 2

Neil W. and Betty Lutjen to Javier Reyes Peralta, Quail Run 2nd Subdivision, lot 311.

Austin T. Clark to Blanca Castro, Morris and Schultz’s 1st Addition, lot 6.

Christopher David and Cynthia Carlene Parkhurst to David Lee and Heather Sullivan, section; 22, township; 45, range; 23.

Thomas L. and Jacqueline N. Leiter to Barrett J. and Isabella L. Wulf, Rolling Hills, lot 9.

Dennis Curtis Bryan Trustee, Linda Fay Bryan Trustee and Family Byan Trust to Family Diefendorf Trust, section; 32,29, township; 45, range; 20.

Kasey Anstine and Stefan Fletcher to James A. and Karen S. Hill, section; 35, township; 46, range; 21.

Kasey Anstine and Stefan Fletcher to Michael Weersma, section; 35, township; 46, range; 21.

Bethlehem Baptist Church to Unique Woodworking LLC, section; 4, township; 44, range; 21.

Briggitte Suzanne and Randy Woodall to Genesis Home Solutions LLC, Cotton Brothers 1st and 2nd Addition, lot 1, 2, 3, 4, block 21.

Cheryl Ames to Pamela Simmons, Brooking Park Village 7th Plat, lot 28.

Kathryn Elaine Johnson to Spencer Q. Ferrebee and Shaylee Lutjen, Parkside Subdivision, lot 2,3, block 3.

Aaron M. and April E. Pilant and Ivan and Anna Vinnichuk, Original Plat Sedalia, lot 1, 2, 2, 3, block 34.

Vladimir and Olga Ostapenko to Seattle Best Way LLC, section; 33, township; 46, range; 21.

Martin Peterson Inc. to Kirk D. Tammy L. Martin, Fairview Place, block 12.

Matz Properties Partnership to Elvira and J. Trinidad Vazquez, West View Addition, lot 14, block 14.

Aug. 3

Benjamin W. Wilson to Brandy L. Wilson and Randy L. Goodman, Barretts J.R. 1st, block 8.

Keegan M. and Gabriel Marie Wassam to Tamara M. Oneill, Maplewood 9th Subdivision, lot 72.

Kirk D. and Tammy L. Martin to Martin Peterson Inc., Fairview Place, block 2.

Clara A. Lock and Dalton Rogers to Jane L. And Bryan C. Stroud, West View Addition, lot 7, block 13. 

Harold E. Jr. and Vanessa G. Naugle to James C. and Rebecca A. Bibb, section; 23, township; 45, range; 20.

Clayton Alcorn, Lynda K. Alcorn, Karen Denise Comfort and Karis V. Comfort to Karen D. and Karis V. Comfort, section; 5, township; 45, range; 21.

Jeffry M. and Leslie M. Stone to Mark N. Westfall and Charles W. Blevins Jr., block 1.

Dawn Renee Pinkelton and Denisa Fink to Sabrina N. Hampshire, Robbins Addition, lot 15,16, block 2.

Aug. 5

Marlyn Kyvyrzhik to Marlyn, Vladimir and Vitaliy Kyvyrzhik, section; 22, township; 44, range; 22.

Anthony K. Harris to Peyton M. Johnson and Shelby Ritz, Maplewood 14th Subdivision, lot 188.

Lakewood Mobile Home Park LC to Jerry D. Rains, Woodwards Addition, lot 1, 2, 3, block 1.

Dale W. Yelton Trustee, Elizabeth E. Yelton Trustee, Dale W. Yelton Trust and Elizabeth E. Yelton Trust to Connie L. and Dale S. Hadley.

Mitchell Gant, Nicolle Ragsdale and Chad Ragsdale to Richard S. Cramer, Martin and Cottons 4th Addition, lot 2, 3, block 12.

Sydni N. Herrick to Sydni N. Herrick, Katy Trail West, lot 6.

Aug. 6

Nathan R. and Anna Wittman to Hailey Kenny, West View Addition, lot 9, 10, 11, block 7.

Taylor A. Hartley to Anthony B. Hicks Jr., Browns J.S. Addition, lot 4, 5, block 5.

Roben and Amanda Teter to John J. Cover, Hughesville Highland, lot 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, block 9.

Julie, Robin Lynn and Richard Lloyd Jr. Arnett to Stacey Billings, section; 3, township; 45, range; 21.

Amanda Rae Hrnciar to Amanda Rae Hrnciar Trust, Walnut Hills Country Club Estates, lot 11.

William D. and Margaret Schlomer to Timothy R. and Lindsay A. Barnes, section; 5, 6, township; 47, range; 21.

Aug. 9

Chelsey and Zachary Rowland to London A. Bayless, Stewart and Thompson’s Addition, lot 18, block 2. 

David L. and Tonyia E. Bridges to Skyler J. Ptomey, Maplewood 11th Subdivision, lot 118. 

Aug. 10

Trevor and Caityn Beckman to Trevor Beckman Trustee, Caityn Beckman Trustee, the Trevor Beckman Trust and the Caitlyn Beckman Trust, West Country Club Estates Part 2, lot 35. 

Joseph R. and Ashley N. Klein to Nathan and Kara L. Hill, Smith and Cotton’s 7th Addition, lot 12, block 2. 

Keele Construction Inc. to Christopher D. and Sandra K. Fisher, section 9; township 45; range 21. 

Christopher D. and Sandra K. Fisher to Micah Emerson, Cherry Tree Estates, lot 8. 

Aug. 11

Samuel and Rhonda J. Hieronymus to Samuel Hieronymus IV and Crystal Heironymus, section 30; township 48; range 20; section 2; township 47; range 21. 

Keele Construction Inc. to Jacob and Anatasiya Gudishvilli, section 9; township 45; range 21. 

Samuel and Rhonda J. Hieronymus to Isaac D. and Olesya Briggs, section 30; township 48; range 21. 

Mackenzie and Haley Craig to Chris Tresner, Marrett and Metsker’s, lots 1, 2, 3, block 22. 

Mary Katherine Heman to Thomas  Payne and Mikenzie Farris, section 7; township 45; range 20; section 6; township 45; range 20. 

Paul D. and Dena A. Keller to Paul D. and Dena A. Keller, La Monte, lot 360, block K.

Ralph Wayne and Carol A. Craig to Zelpha Naomi Martin, Thelma Earlene Moore, James Richard Morroe, Kenneth Martin and Carol A. Baalman, Arlington Heights Addition, block 12. 

Aug. 12

Shannon and Lataunya Ward to Michael Thorne, Cotton Brother’s 1st and 2nd Addition, lot 10, block 28.

Justin Kriistopher Wright, Kari Wright, Jordyn Staci Shirky, Shad Shirky and Taylor Brody Williams to Stacy L. Kenworth, Hill Crest Addition, lot 155, 156, 157. 

James G. and Carol M. Schibi to Arvind and AMaria Teemal, Katy Trail West 5th Plat, lot 40.

Zakhariy and Tatyana Izotia to David Bartel, Inglewood, lot 10. Donald R. and Kenda Kay Maples to William E. and Samantha A. Pekins, Martin and Smith 2nd Addition, lot 5, block 27;  Martin and Smith 2nd Addition, lot 6, block 57.

Crystal and Carlos Hernandez to Ira and Violet Demois, Pacific Heights, lots 3, 4, block 9. 

Theodore E. and Crystal Weller to Yazmin Sandoval, Maplewood 7th Subdivision, lot 107. 

David D. and Linda K. Henderson to Gary Rapp II and Tracey L. Rapp, Prairie Woods, lot G. 

Jaunita Baker to Matthew G. and Dama M. Cooper, Green Ridge Evered, block 7.

Aug. 13

Tyler S. and Kinna A. Cramer to David and Linda Henderson, Thompson Hills Addition, lot 74.

DAS Construction LLC to Vitality Construction Inc., Prestwick Farms, lots 6, 7, 11, 12, block 2. 

Jaquelyn K. Baker to Carla Jean Wheeler, Southwest Village Tract A, lot 20, block 15. 

Vera Tutevich, Vladimir Gavrilyuk, Vladimir Tutevich and Nelya Garvrilyuk to Dmitriy and Lyudmila Savchenko, section 44; township 44; range 23. 

Ronald and Cindy Amson to John and Leah Hughes, Southwest Village, lot 13, block 7. 

Robert J. and Sandra R. Anderson to Timothy McWhorter and Heather West McWhorter, Hammann’s Subdivision, lots 4, 5. 

Ella A. and Nikolay Timoshchuk Jr. to Nikolay and Ella Timoshchuk, Cherokee Estates, lot 2. 

Bhavin and Aatiben B. Patel to Nadia Fray, West Country Club Estates Part 5, lot 98. 


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