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Real Estate Transactions for May 14


April 22

Sadie Drake LLC to Catherine H. and Gabriel P. Dudley, Brown’s JD Addition, block 3, lots 9, 10, 11.

Benny Wayne and Elizabeth Redford Sullivan and Sullivan Builders LLV to Kimberlie E. Windle, section 10; township 23; range 22; Prairie Heights Part 3, lot 24.

Brandi and Scott Cole to Maranda Jacks, and John Phillips III, section 4; township 45; range 21.

Charles Meyer to Christina A. and James B. Rice III, section 24; township 46; range 21.

Svetlana V. Strelnikova, Svetlana V. Zolazh and Vladimir M. Zolazh, to Any Everett and Jeanette Shepherd, West Broadway, block 5, lots 8, 9.

Charles Meyer to Golden Age Farms LLC, section 23; township 46; range 21.

Charles Meyer to Golden Age Farm LLC, sections 30, 29; township 46; range 20.

Justin and Mindy Koehn to Jonathan Kent Becker, section 4; township 45; range 21; Clifton Woods Addition, block D, lot 5; Wood’s Addition Resurvey of Wood’s Addition and Short’s Subdivision, block 7, lot 11.

Charles Meyer to Mid-State Specialty Eggs LLC, section 14; township 46; range 21.

April 23

Christine and Kevin Barnes to Christine and Kevin Barnes, West Walnut Hills, lot 12.

April 24

Charles Meyer to David and Jan R. Griffith, section 13; township 46; range 21.

Warsaw Holdings LLC to Paul Olson and Tonya Shoemaker, Dal Whi Mo Place, block 2, lots 4, 5.

KTA Investments LLC to Jose Almanzan Beltran, section 4; township 45; range 21.

Matz Properties Partnership to Alfredo Enrique, McVey’s Jon W Addition, lot 8.

SC Fisher Properties LLC to SC Fuel LLC, section 9; township 45; range 21.

April 25

Lisa K. and Timothy J. Arnett to Braun J. Marsett, Shepherd Meadow Estates Plat 1, lot 38.

Stephen P. Clancy Sr. to William J. Mergen Trust, Camp Branch Village, block 1, lots 6, 7, 8, 9.

William J. Mergen Trust and William J. Mergen Trustee to Stephen P. Clancy Sr., section 31; township 45; range 22.

Sedalia Democrat LLC to BBP Sedalia LLC, Smith and Cotton’s 1st Addition, block 12.

April 26

MVRK Development LLC to Shawna Cannon, West Country Club Estates Part 5, lot 87.

Charles Matzes to Regan Porter and Jastin D. Wright, section 1; township 44; range 23.

Jackie Thomas to Jordan Bush, Smith and Cotton’s 6th Addition, block 3, lots 4, 5, 6.

Rachel and Viatchesiav Bakhour to Nancy L. Carruth, section 22; township 44, range 22.

Matthew C. and Robin M. Cover to Jesus Guzman Nunez, Hill Crest, lots 207, 208, 209, 210, 211, 212.

Walton Real Estate Development LLC to William Lee Mayfield, Martin and Cotton’s 4th Addition, block 1, lots 7, 8.

Earlene P. and Joseph R. Heck to Michael B. and Teresa L. McDermott, section 9; township 45; range 21; Glendale Place, lot 35.

Rhoads Rentals LLC to A and A Hostetler Properties LLC, section 4; township 45; range 21; Smith and Cotton’s Addenda, block 52.

Nancy L. Smith to Coy E. Arregun, Brooking Park Village 1st Plat, lot 3.

International Union of Operating Engineers Local No. 101 BUII to Maze Homes LLC, West View Addition 2nd Part, block 19, lots 14, 14.

Ana M. Lara Diaz and Jose Alfredo Garcia to Anthony M. Lawrence Jr., Perry’s Addition, block 3, lot 1.

April 29

Sullivan Builders LLC to Matthew Charles Cover, Prairie Heights, lot 14.

Nicole M. and Terry L. Collier to Marina Plotnic, Felix Addition, block 3, lots 3, 4.

April 30

Fair Trade Construction LLC and Annabeth and Dana Zimmerman to Fair Trade Construction LLC, Brown’s ET 1st Addition, block 2, lots 8, 9.

Fair Trade Construction LLC and Annabeth and Dana Zimmerman to Svetlana A. Vallair, Brown’s ET 1st Addition, lots 7, 8.

Vasiliy and Vera Bezlisyuk to Daniel and Vanessa Bezlisyuk, section 14; township 45; range 22.

Jason and Jenny Hostetler to Kendon and Shania Hostetler, Lacar Subdivision, lot 4.

Kayla Blakely to Caleb Allen Smithson, Houstonia Longan, block 17, lots 5, 6.

E.W. Thompson Inc. to Pettis County Ambulance District, section 6; township 45; range 21.

May 1

Fair Trade Construction LLC and Annabeth and Dana Zimmerman to Svetlana A. Vallair, Brown’s ET 1st Addition, block, lot 7, 8.

Rebecca R. Baker, Barbara Morrow, Hillary Morrow, James C. Morrow, William T. Morrow III and Melissa Rigoli to Nancy Aitken, Fairview Place, block 20.

Julia L. Ramey, Kelcey Ramey, Nicholas Ramey and Philip Ramey to Christopher L. and Kelly D. Ramey, section 31; township 47; range 20.

Leona and Wallace Denny to Richard Michael Bowman, Green Ridge Evered, block 1, lots 14, 15.

Tarasov Family Trust, Kristina Tarasov Trustee and Timofey Tarasov Trustee to Brother’s Sober Living House LLC, section 2; township 46; range 21.

Fred N. Branson, Mary Dana Branson, Thomas R. Branson and Sally Lockett to Mark Alan and Michelle L. Quattlebaum, West Walnut Hills lot 10A.

May 2

Inter-State Studio Publishing Co. to Those are Ious LLC, Martin and Smith 2nd Addition, block 37, lots 4, 5.

Generation 4 LLC to That Sounds Like a Dare LLC, section 33; township 46; range 21.

Coy E. and Frank J. Arreguin to Coy E. and Frank J. Arreguin, Brooking Park Village 1st Plat, lot 3.

Viktor Pankin and Kristina P. Zhirkov to Michael Schmidtz, section 3; township 44; range 20.

Matz Properties Partnership to Kelly Buckner, section 8; township 45; range 21; Westmoreland Place Addition, block 4, lot 2.

May 3

Peyton M. and Shelby Ritz Johnson to Geoffrey D. Wiegel, Prairie View lot 14.

Geoffrey D. Wiegel to Matthew Long, Shepherd Meadow Estates Plat 1, lot 4.

Daniel Lisenbardt Trust, Penny Kathleen Linenbardt Trustee and Penny Linsenbardt Trust to Miney Mos LLC, Brown’s Edward Subdivision lot 3-6 of McVey Road, block 1, lots 5, 6.

Lois Marie Kramer Attorney in Fact and William E. Skinner to Carl and Jessica Brown, Maplewood 3rd Subdivision, lot 19.