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Real Estate Transactions July 13


July 6

Kirk Alan Wissman, Pam Wissman, Alesia Rae Wissman, Bart Clinton Wissman and Christine Wissman to Bart C. Wissman, Christine R. Wissmana and Dylan Wissman, section 33; township 45; range 21. 

Amanda Rae Hrnciar Trust and Amanda Rae Hrnciar Trustee to Amanda Rae Hrnciar, Walnut Hills Country Club Estates 1, lot 11. 

Kenneth W. Hieronymus Sr. and Johanna Renee Hieronymus to Jack Ryan Hathaway, Maplewood 14th Subdivision, lot 201. 

Vicki L. Houseman to Skye Lefebre and Robert Tuttle III, Vollrath’s Addition, lot 5. 

July 7

John M. Ficken Trustee, Karen H. Ficken Trustee and the Ficken Family Trust to Karen H. Ficken Trustee, John Ficken Trust and the Karen Ficken Trust, section 32; township 44; range 22. 

Kerry Million to Lawrence J. and Leanna J. Gordon, section 15; township 44; range 21. 

Timothy R. Thoennes to Sherri D. Young, McKee’s Addition, lot 9, block 3. 

Jonathan Ray and Amanda M. Ehlers to Ryan and Rebecca Talbot, Cambridge Country Estates Phase 3, lot 10.

Reeca Arnold to Lori B. Zeisset, Houstonia Newkirk and Jaynes, lots 9, 10, block 27.

Jessica Ann and Curtis A. Pyle to Lucas R. Miller, Barrett’s JR 1st, block 7. 

Richard L. and Deborah K. Ferrel to Michelle Nicole Martin, section 3; township 44; range 22. 

Best Life Properties LLC to Shannon and Lataunya Ward, Southern Hills Subdivision, lot 16. 

July 8

Christopher D. McKinzie to Craig Heidenger, Dal Whi Mo Place, lots 17, 18, 19, 16. 

Danelle K. and Joel Reid to Aleksandr Vinnichuk, West County Club Estates, lot 20. 

David and Jennifer Cachero to Zachariah Toole, West View Addition, lots 6, 7, block 4. 

Darryl and Karaley Lilienthyal to Nathaniel Ray and Jennifer Renee Schaffer, West Country Club Estates Part 3, lot 42. 

JML Remodeling LLC to JML Contracting and Properties LLC, Green Ridge Evered, block 15; section 1; township 44; range 23.

James and Julie Menke to David Cachero, Smithton lots 17, 18, block 29. 

July 9

David A. and Rhoda Sue Moore to Walton Real Estate Development LLC, West View Addition 2nd Part, lot 26, block 20.  

Mary Sue Bergenstock and Joseph Santoro to Michael J. and Joy E. Simon, section 25; township 44; range 22. 

Michael J. and Joy E. Somon to Richard A. Wiltz Trustee, Joanne E. Trustee, Richard A. Wiltz Trust the Joanne E. Trust, section 25; township 44; range 22. 

Kerwin D. and Barbara C. Rohr to Benton and Crissina Kemp, Hunter’s Ridge 2 nd Subdivision, lot 22. 

Jody and Heather Woolery to Michael P. Holman, Crescent Hill, lot 7, block 3. 

Assad U. and Suhaila S. Shaffiey to Anatoliy and Anna Orlov, section 8; township 45; range 21. 

Marlin Lee and Cynthia Marie Stover to Dale and Twila Downs, section 12; township 45; range 20. 


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