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Real estate transactions July 26


July 11

David and Jennifer Cachero to Anna L. and Nathan R. Wittman, Crescent Hill, block 3, lots 9, 10. 

Vivian M. Cline to Angelica Dawn Thomas, Crescent Hill, block 2, lots 10, 11.

Brennan and Taylor Millsap to CTM Real Estate LLC, Martin and Cottons 4th Addition, block 14, lot 4.

Amanda and Joseph Andrew Moon to Amanda and Joseph Andrew Moon, section 34; township 45; range 21.

Erin M. and Travis Duane Fetterer to Engene G. Jr. and Penny Joyce Coerver, Southwest Village Tract A, block 9, lot 6.

July 12

Jeffrey J. and Samantha L. Arnwine to Jessica Himes and Mary Kindle, Potter and Smith Addition, block 1, lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Adam and Jessica Himes and Bradley and Mary Kindle to LHB Investments LLC, Potter and Smith Addition, block 1, lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Franklin D. Jr. and Terri Chapman to Janice and Jesse Miller, Quail Run 1st Subdivision, lot 209.

Das Construction LLC to Lyudmila and Peter Orlov, section 17; township 45; range 21; Gables Phase 2, lot 48.

Halee and Nicholaus McCray to Kenneth Quinn, La Monte Hammons, lots 2, 3.

Ty Z. Harden and Jill Hewett to Gigi Nachtigal, sections 5, 6; township 45; range 22.

July 13

Kapital Construction Co LLC to Aleksandr A. and Olga M. Kapitula, section 14; township 45; range 22.

Pat Coffey and David and Kathy Rages to Loveland Holdings LLC, section 14; township 45; range 21.

Pat Coffey and David and Kathy A. Rages to DMS Management Services LLC, section 14; township 45; range 21.

Max and Valentina Krysh to Douglas E. Whittier, Original Plat Sedalia, block 17, lots 6, 7.

Lisa L. and Robert L. Cashman to James M. and Kimberly A. Hazell, Southwest Acres, lot 4.

Ancel E. and Karen S. Compton to Anatoliy V. Kozak, Town of Lincoln, lots 100, 101.

July 14

Harry D. and Patricia E. Williams to Bohdan Tkachyshyn, section 7; township 44; range 21. 

Web and Sons Inc to Robert Bishop, Southwest Village 1st Addition.

Barbara J. and Joseph Karaty to Britt and Eva Booth, Ritcheys 3rd Addition, block 2, lot 15.

David and Judith A. Paul to Kai Tuo LLC, Sees Subdivision, lots 7, 8.

July 15

John Das II McClure to Brenda D. and Matthew R. Powell, sections 19, 30; township 47; range 21.

James Byerly to Marvin Ovando, section 33; township 46; range 21.

Donna Lee and Robert R. Hobbs to Kathleen and Robert Gardner, West View Addition 2nd Part, block 25, lot 8.

Brianna M. and James Paul McKee to Deanna Jo Popisil, S and G Addition, lot 2.

Gary and Shelley Pottorf to Paige Patterson, Green Ridge Evered, block 4.

Cheyenne Victoria and Leslie R. Waggoner to Charles Boslaugh and Lowell Eugene and Shirley Shown, Martin and Cottons 4th Addition, block 10, lots 11, 12.

Daniel Loyd, Donna Lewis and Dora and Henry Roberts to Marvin J. Daniels, Cotton Brothers Addition, block 6, lot 7.

La Casa I LLC to Daniel J. Westermier, Heards Addition, block 9, lots 15, 16.