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Real estate transactions July 6


June 21

Lola M. and Carl Jordan to Kyle A. Meek, section 6; township 45; range 21.

John Richard and Beverly Martin and Martha Ellen Wininger to W. Neil and Karla M. Eddingfeild, section 20; township 45; range 21. 

June 22

RAC JAC Properties Inc. to Russell A. and Julie A. Childers, Stone Creek Addition Part 1, lot 1; section 6; township 45; range 21.

Shaina and Davide Lee Kusgen to David Lehman, Hughesville Highland, lots 1 through 20,  block 8.

June 23

Debra A. and Clyde A Collin Jr. to Attley and Dorothy Bundy, section 12; township 46; range 22. 

Paul W. and Tina Brown to Cody Wiley, Original Plat Sedalia, lot 14, block 43. 

Herman S. and Debra K. Collier to Junior R. Sleeper Trustee, Susan E. Sleeper and the Sleeper Family Trust, West Country Club Estates Part 2, lot 39. 

Eleanor F. Mumford to James Robert and Cendy Lynn Harrell Carson, Country Club Estates, lot 37. 

Donald Ray Knedgen Trustee, Elaine F. Knedgen Trustee, Vernon Knedgen Trust, Mary H. Knedgen Trust to Koch Rental Properties LLC, section 13; township 47; range 20; section 18; township 47; range 20. 

Wolfgang A. and Janice Scheel to Justin Ray McGinnis and Marina Crystchal Seaton, Covered Bridge Estates Plat 1, lot 32. 

Jlynn LLC to David and Jennifer Cachero, Smith and Cotton’s 7th Addition, lot 15, block 9. 

William R. McDonald and Wenqi Tang to Ivan and Karyna Khorovets, Walnut Hills South, lots 29, 30; section 12; township 45, range 22. 

June 24

Martin W. and May Ann McClure to Dale K. Groshart, Brooking Park Village 7th Plat, lot 33. Phillip E. Cooley to Denise Chisum, Brentwood Manor Subdivision, lot 61.

Duane A. Kelly to Scott O. and Dyan J. Turney, Hunter’s Ridge 7th Subdivision, lot 153. 

John M. Hendrix to Dawn Hanson and Stephen Pollard, section 19; township 45; range 20. 

Efrain E. Baeza Nunez, Giselle Cruz de Baeza, Arreola J. Trinidad Vazquez, and Elvira P. Vazquez to Victor A. Ronzon Azuara, Heard’s 2nd Addition, lot 8, block 9. 

Steven Lee Ingram to Joshua J. and Rachell R. Tanner, Eaglebrook Farm 3rd Addition, lot 30.

June 30

Noah M. Killion to Michael Elwin and Mika Jean Killion, section 9; township 47; range 22. 

Michael and Mika Jean Killion to Noah M. Killion, section 9; township 47; range 22. 

Vladimir and Vera Tutevich and Vladimir and Nelya Gavrilyuk to Alena Gething, section 5; township 44; range 23. 

Janice G. McNatt to Mardy A. and Angela K. Hostetler, section 10; township 46; range 23. 

Robert L. and Elizabeth Blackburn to Dustin L. and Jenny S. Meyer, section 26; township 48; range 22. 

Miranda Bendoni, Patrick E. Shelnut and Tina M. Benoni Shelnut to Lucas Lones and Margarita de Jesus Portillo Campos, Smith and Cotton’s 7th Addition, lot 3, 4, block 4. 

Ellen N. Talley, Ellen N. Mullis to Ellen N. Mullis and Kenneth Norman Mullins Jr., Hale RL Addition, lots 2, 3, block 3. 

Home America Fund LP to Next Home Properties LLC, section 3; township 45; range 21. 

Lisa R. Montgomery to Rebecca Kickcox Palacios, Barrett and Mtsker’s, lots 7, 8, 9, block 5. 

June 28

Sean E. and Crystal Frame to Chandler Crosswhite, Southgate 3rd Addition, lot 7.

Ramona M. Royse to Lisa R. Montgomery, Dal Whi Mo Place, lots 6, 7, block 7.

Kathleen and Greg Boswell to Aguilar Properties LLC, Crandall’s Subdivision, lots 5, 6, block A.

John R. and Sara Nichols to Kelly J. Coleman Trustee and the Coleman Trust, MaGann’s Subdivision, lots 7, 8. 

Bethany S. Clay to Jane A. Bigler, Martin and Smith 2nd Addition, lots 9, 10, block 37.

Michael F. and Carol A. McMullin to Someday Investments LLC, section 6; township 45; range 21. 

Chad Allen and Michele Angelique Johnson to Betty Jean Jones, Jackson and Montgomery’s Addition, block 16. 

June 29

Tyrel and Beth Naugle to Charles M. Amos Jr., Smithton, lots 9, 10. 

Web and Sons Inc. to Jose L. Briones, Pacific Heights, lot 2, block 13.

Merlin H.W. Balke Trustee and the Balke Family to Charles K. and Renee L. Pyle, West View Addition, lots 12, 13, block 8. 

Luis Waltere Reyes Esinosa and Deyanira Azua Garcia to Sydni N. Cole, Katy Trail West, lot 6. 

Choice Rental Properties LLC to John Paul and Rachel Suchecki, Clifton Woods Addition, lot 7, block B. 

Arthea M. Wasson, Ronald S. Mahin and Bobby Wasson to Troy D. and Andrea L. Curtis, section 9; township 45; range 23; section 4; township 45; range 23. 

Gene P. Poling to Maurice West, section 26; township 44; range 22. 

June 30

Kroeger Properties LLC to Vasily Oleynik, Gables Phase 2, lot 27; section 17; township 45; range 21. 

Kroeger Properties LLC to Roman and Tatiana Olifercchuck, Gables Phase 2, loy 41; section 17; township 45; range 21.

Julie Rupe to Coffelt Land Title Inc. and Wayne Hadley, section 10; township 43; range 22. Joseph Brown and Yolanda Santos to Sean and Tyger Paul, Walnut Hills Country Club Estates 1, lot 12. 

Steven E. and Bobbi A. Cook to David Paul and Jonathan Wyatte, section 33; township 45; range 20. 

Nature conservancy to Missouri Prairie Foundation, section 22; township 44; range 21. 

Kroeger Properties LLC to Milankumar S. Patel, Gables Phase 2, lot 43. 

Joshua Zaremba to Bettin D. Hickman and John A. Pikey, Heard’s Addition, lots 2, 3, block 5.

Thomas William Seidl, Laura Seidl and Krista Lynn Seidl to Taras Timoshchuck, Hunter’s Ridge 2nd Subdivision, lot 75. 

Norberto Hurtado Martinez and Maria Angeles Hurtado to Antonia Ruby Meza, section 14; township 46; range 23.

July 1

JML Remodeling LLC to JML Contracting and Properties LLC, section 10; township 45; range 21. Jonathan P. and Andrea E. Sumner to Ark Invest LLC, Westmoreland Place Addition, lot 4, block 2.

Child Safe of Central Missouri Inc. to Rachel S. Grady, Martin and Cotton’s 4th Addition, lots 1, 2, 3, block 7. 

Janet E. Loftis to Petru D. and Liliya Damian, West View Addition, lots 2, 3, block 10. 

Stacy R. and Gabriel D. Jenkins to Christopher M. and Sarah Purvis, Lawndale Addition, lots 153, 154, 151, 152, 150.  

Michael E. and Stacey H. Gertz to Richard A. Goalder, section 9; township 45; range 21. 

Perry Reed McCollester, Kelly A. McCollester, Perry Lynn McCollester and Cheryl Ann McCollester to Cliff Maloney Jr. and Grace Maloney, section 9; township 45; range 22; section 3, township 45; range 22; section 4; township 45; range 22; section 10; township 45; range 22. 

David R. and Reb Eka Phillips to Chase Belnap, Southwest Village, lot 5, block 2. 

Vasiliy and Mila Shevchenko to Vladimir and Diana Zubkov, Cherry Tree Estates, lot 13. 

June 2

Shree OHM Inc. to Shri Shirdi Sai LLC, Original Plat Sedalia, lots 1, 2, block 40. 

Robert E. and Stephanie M. Newman to David Heckel, Hastings addition, lot 11, block 1. 

Joy Dickinson to Nick Elg and Michael McCann, Georgetown Ramey and Wasson, lots 15, 14; section 16; township 46; range 21. 

Steven and Shawna Cannon to Josuah Zane and Bettina Dawn Hickman, section 12; township 44; range 23.

Jimmy L. Fairfax, Rita K. Fairfax and Jim L. Fairfax to Rusty G. Weir, Jackson and Montgomery’s Addition, block 2. 

Pioneer Properties LLC to Cynthia A. and Juan A. Contreras, Jackson and Montgomery’s Addition, block 8. 

Teresa Ann Larose to Nathan K. and Chelsey A. Lynde, Stewart and Thompson’s 2nd Addition, lots 10, 11, 12, block 9. 

Jane L. Stewart to Vadimir Vinnichuck, Country Club Estates 2nd Subdivision, lot 40. 

Tonya R. Bell to Mitchell E. and Sarah Hathaway, Fairview Place, block 25; section 5; township 45; range 21. 


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