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Real estate transactions June 8


May 24

Chelsey M. Gallagher Representative and the Daniel Clayton Pritchard Estate to William D. Walter, section 5; township 45; range 21.

Dorothy Charlene Kalthoff to Richey Family LLC, sections 16, 8, 9, 18, 17; township 46; range 22.  

Kathryn Louise and Howard Eugene Smith to Richey Family LLC, sections, sections 16, 8, 9, 7, 18, 17; township 46; range 22. 

Nancy E. Richey and Edward W. Bledsoe to Richey Family LLC, sections 8, 9, 18, 19, 17; township 46; range 22. 

William Curtis Reavis to Hayden Rhorer, Arlington Heights Addenda, block G.

Douglas Martin and Barbara J. White to JSI Rentals LLC, Parkside Subdivision, lot 1, block  2.

Pyramid Corporation to JSI Rentals LLC, Smith and Martin's 1st Addition, lot 3, block 15.

Larry L. Avey Jr. and Martha Avey to Lane J. Avey, Parkview Revised, lots 18, 19, 20, 20, 21, 22, block 6. 

Pettis County Ambulance District to Ball Sedalia Properties LLC, Menefee Properties. 

Rebecca Lynne Thomas to Herchel Whited III, West View Addition 2nd Part, lots 15, 16, 17, block 23.   

May 25

SVA Holdings LLC to Viadslav Soyarkov, section 32; township 46; range 21. 

Bradford Swenson to City of Sedalia, Original Plat Sedalia, lot 1, block 36. 

Justin D. Reith to Scott Deane Miller, Smith and Martin’s 1st Addition, lot 8, block 16. 

Richard and Christina A. Shipps to Howard and Rima Umbles Dickson, Thompson Hills Addition, lot 153. 

Charles M. Amos Jr. to Bradley A. Arnold, sections 4, 3; township 44; range 21. 

Kyle and Laura Smith to Lindsay Marie Jones, Hansbergers WF Addition, lot C. 

MVRK Developing LLC to Sergey Zykin, West Country Club Estates Part 4, lot 66. 

May 26

Patrick W. and Peggy L. Duffey to Hoyte A. Bronson, section 15; township 46; range 20. 

Stonemore Missouri LLC to Barite HSG LLC, section 12; township 45; range 21. 

Stonemore Missouri LLC to Barite HSG LLC, section 17; township 45; range 21. 

Lyle G. and Diane A. Yantz to Silverio Javier Rosas III, Southwest Village, lot 33, block 1. 

Michael W. and Nikki J. Riley to Lynn A. and Amy L. Status, section 12; township 45; range 21. 

May 27

Christopher L. and Kelly D. Ramey to Megan Jane Zuvich and Scott Coterel, Southwest Village Tract A, lots 10, 11, block 13. 

Kenna Charlotte Teneal Chapman to JSI Rentals LLC, Smith and Martin’s 1st Addition, lot 1, block 15. 

Mikel B. and Nicole Marie Nelson to Christopher L. and Kelly D. Ramey, section 31; township 47; range 20. 

Nicole D. and Joseph Williams to Jon Aaron Arender, section 8; township 44; range 21. 

David and Jennifer Cacjero to Scott D. and Stacey L. Lewis, Dal Whi Mo Place, lot 7, block 3. Tatyana and Vitaliy Kolesnik to Leonid and Tatyana Kolesnik, section 14; township 45; range 22. 

Debbie L. Freels to Clayton Bruce Killion, Stewart and Thompson’s 2nd Addition, lots 3, 4, 5, 6, block 7. 

May 28

Joseph and Krista D. Eschbacher to Robert E. and Dana E. Esser, West View Addition, lot 11, block 8.

Paul and Penny Ford to Katrina A. Privett, West View Addition, lots 3, block 5. 

Josefina D. and Michael Moore to Valentino Aguilar and Maria A. Ubieta, section 3; township 45; range 21. 

Treasure Elaine Moore to Justin and Mitzi Furnell, La Monte Highland’s 2nd Addition, lot 34.

June 1

Alana Inez Webb to Lesley Wilson, West View Addition, lots 7, 6, block 10.

MRB1 LLC to MRB1 LLC, section 20; township 45; range 21. 

David N. Blackburn to David N. Blackburn Trustee and the David N. Blackburn trust, section 10; township 47; range 22. 

Benny Rental Properties LLC to Sergey and Nadezhda Gamayunov, Hoff and Madan’s Addition, lot 6, block 2. 

Douglas Martin and Barbara J. White to Robert F. Scott, Parkside Subdivision, lot 2, block 2. Irina and Vitaliy Zhuk to Tammy Lyn Morgan, West Broadway, lot 10, block 5. 

Larry and Marlene Ryther to Cole A. Paxton, section 6; township 43; range 23. 

Billy and Reida Doser to Blanca Elizabeth Gomez, Chapel Wood Estates 5th Subdivision, lot 48. 

June 2

Milssa J. Duckworth Holman, Robert W. Holman Jr. and Norma J. Holman to Ralph H. and Jacqueline M. Redd, Ritchey's 3rd Addition, lots 3, 4, block 5. 

Tammy L. Brown to Sergey Plaichuk, section 14; township 45; range 22.

Stephen S. and Trisha M. Moss to Amanda K. and Isael Iracheta, Katy Trail West Phase 2, lot 22. 

Joseph Paul and Pattie V. Mullen to John Randall Bagby, section 15; township 46; range 23. 

Veronica L. Taylor to Edwin and Lida Rosmeri Fuentes, Smith and Cotton’s 6th Addition, lots 4, 5, block 1. 

Jimmy G. and Joanna Humble to David L. Brigman, Maplewood 14th Subdivision, lot 191. 

Julie A. Wiesemann to Retina Taylor, Maplewood 14th Subdivision, lot 202. 

Geofrey D. and Maggie Wiegel to Justin Allen, Woodlawn lots 112, 113, 107. 

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to BTI Contracting LLC, Southwest Village Tract A, lot 13, block 10. 

June 3

Jeremy M. and Lesley A. Craig to Jeremy M. and Lesley A. Craig, Rainbow Addition 2nd Subdivision, lots 32, 33, block 1. 

Dmitro and Victoria Gerasimchuk to Dmitro and Victoria Gerasimchuk, section 24; township 45; range 22. 

Adam and Jennifer Templeton to Lewis Earl Fox, Woodlawn lot 90. 

Aaron Lee and Sara Anne Stover to Meredith Norfleet, Katy Trail Estates, lot 48. 

Vitaliy Y. and Natalya Antonov to Sergey and Yelena Shevchuk, Cherry Tree Properties 2nd Addition, lot 19. 

June 4

Kroeger Properties III LLC to Aleksey Tsukan, section 17; township 45; range 21. 

Tatum Lee E. and Logan Tatum to Walker Tatum, section 8; township 44; range 21. 

Lee E. Tatum to Leah Ritzo, section 8; township 45; range 21. 

Pattie Gail Snapp to Christian and Dinah Dobrownski, Watt’s, Margaret 1st, lots 5, 6, block 2. 

Joshua A. to Joshua A. and Aubry S. Wyrick, section 9; township 45; range 21. 

Dillner Enterprises LLC to Zachary Joseph and Lisa L. Volk, Watt’s, Margaret 1st, lot 12, block 2. 

David Aaron Lehman to James A. Llanos and Diandra B. Donnolly, McKee’s Addition, lot 1, block 5. 

Phillip Edward Cooley to David Edward and Laura A. Cooley, section 1; township 43; range 23. Paul W. and Tina Brown to Laura Arellano, Brown’s ET 1st Addition, lot 8, block 1. 

Hard Knox Rentals LLC to Francisco Quetzecua, Coe’s Addition, lot 5, block 2. 


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