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Real Estate Transactions Nov. 17


Nov. 2

Matthew S, Melville and Emily P. Melville to Lilya Gritzan and Vera Gritzan, Country Club Estates, lot 16.

Richard L. Nelson and Deanna L. Nelson to Matthew Melville and Emily Melville, section 15, township 44, range 22.

John H. Snelling Jr. and April M. Snelling to Jeremiah Benfield Bolk and Jessie Benfield Bolk, West View Addition 2nd Part, lots 4 through 6, block 32; West View Addition lots 15 through 17, block 32.

David R. Smith and Jennifer L. Smith to KTA Investments LLC, section 4, township 45, range 21.

Theresa C. Lee to Hard Knox Rentals LLC, Original Plat Sedalia, lot 15, b;ock 8.

Home Quality Rentals LLC to Jesse E. Miller and Janice Miller, Martin and Smith 2nd Addition, lot 1, block 36.

Viktor Limansky and Elana Limansky to Vasiliy Marmol and Angelina Marmol, section 14, township 45, range 22; section 14, township 45, range 22 easement for ingress.

Chris M. Hatfield to Robert Ryan Thomas, Lawndale Addition, lots 89 and 90.

Nov. 3

Dru L. C. Bloess and Kendra M. Bloess to Kendra M. Bloess and Dru L. C. Bloess, West Side Addition, lots 16 through 18, block 2.

Joshua A. Cornine and Laura E. Cornine to Craig Puckett and Jennifer Pucket, section 13, township 44, range 21.

Leah C. Hermanson and Brian Hermanson to Russell Meyer Trustee, Sheila Meyer Trustee and Meyer Family Trust, Covered Bridge Estates Plat 1, lot 9.

Ellen D. Chappel and Stephen W. Chappel to Andrew Arabadzhi, section 17, township 44, range 21.

Cody Lee Smith to Thomas E. Sawford and Ranell S. Sawford, section 36, township 46, range 21.

Nov. 4

Anna Smolyuk and Daniil Smolyuk to Daniil Smolyuk and Anna Smolyuk, section 12, township 46, range 21.

Shaver Creek Properties LLC to Martin Thomas Baughman, Pacific Heights Lot 9, block 9.

Rieckhoff Ranch Land Company LLC to Joseph Logan Rieckhoff and Rachelle Brooke Parks, section 28 and 29, township 46, range 22.

Nov. 5

Josefina Moore and Michael T. Moore to State Farm Moving and Storage Inc., Original Plat Sedalia lot 4, block 8.

Goss Rental Properties LLC to JCG Rentals LLC, section 13, township 44, range 23.

Michael Craig Johnson and Monica Fabiola Johnson to Matthew Ohrenberg and Mollie Ohrenberg, Green Ridge, lots 18 and 19, block 17.

Nov. 6

Cynthia A. Garretson and Shayne Garretson to Maria Rodriguez Silva, Arlington Heights Addenda, lots 1 and 2, block 23.

M&S Properties of Sedalia LLC to Stacey M. Lindsay, Coes Addition, lot 1, block 3.

Jane A. Roser and James H. Roser to James H. Rosier Trustee, Jane A. Roser Trustee and Rosier Living Trust, section 36, township 45, range 21; section 31, township 45, range 20.

Michael Soles, Tyler Kinser and Michelle Kinser to Rudy Byler and Tillie Byler, section 7, township 41, range 23.

Luke D. Gieschen to Aaron S. Keele, Smithton lots 10 through 14, block 16.