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St. Paul’s Lutheran School Honor Roll


The following students at St. Paul’s Lutheran School in Sedalia were named to the first trimester A and B honor roll.

Seventh and Eighth Grade

A Honor Roll: Madison Cooper, Ashlyn Gerlt, Jeffthan Glaster, Ethan Griggs, Asher Schulze, Sarah Slagle, Addison Snyder, Natalie Windle.

B Honor Roll: Ryan Anderson, Piper Cantrell, Sally Davis, Olga Tutevich.

Fifth and Sixth Grade

A Honor Roll: Logan Griggs, Jake Windle.

B Honor Roll: Sarah Jo Davis, Sarah Faith DeFord, Makenna Gerlt, Gabriela Petree, Ethan Snyder.

Fourth Grade

A Honor Roll: Emma Shull, Jacob Warner.

B Honor Roll: Yarasdi Duenas, Jonah Page, Ruby Schulze, Jacob Slagle, Hailyn Sutton.

Third Grade

B Honor Roll: Stanley Davis, Zoe Fragoso, Eli Moss, Hadley Randall.