Several artists are kicking off the holiday season with an opportunity for the public to purchase artwork for Christmas gifts Saturday, Nov. 30.

Sedalia artists Sarah Keating and Josh Rhoads are organizing the Art Sale & Cocktails at the Co-op, which will take place at the 7th Street Artist Co-op. Also included in the sale are Co-op founder Josh Heimsoth, Haylea Smith, Michael Shuckers and Kelly Chapin-Hagen.  

Members of the 7th Street Artist Co-op usually show their work during NoBro Art Walk events, but due to several artists being out of town Saturday, Dec. 7, the date of the next art walk, they are hosting the show a week in advance.

Heimsoth said Keating came to him with the idea of having a show featuring work in lower price ranges. He thought the idea was excellent.

“Shuckers and I will probably have some basic pottery,” he noted. “Some mugs and maybe some bowls and a pie plate or two — low price points. Stocking stuffers, things like that.”

Smith will have 5-by-7-inch unframed art prints from her paintings for $5, and matted and framed prints for $20.

“They are kind of reasonable Christmas presents,” Heimsoth said.

Keating said she will be selling cards made from original art, pastel paintings and stained-glass jewelry. Rhoads, known for his jewelry made from coins and silverware, will also have his work available. Local musicians will also provide music for the event. 

Incorporating wine and finger-foods into the show is something the Co-op has been doing lately for events.

“We thought the idea would be that people could come by here before they went to dinner or come by here after they went to dinner,” Rhoads said. “And with it being right here at Christmas time, we could offer up gift-type items.”

Keating, who has studio space at the Co-op, said she enjoys creating art because she “sees beauty in everything.”

“And, I at times feel compelled to try and emulate it,” she explained. “I just love color too.”

Rhoads said besides working with coins and silverware he also enjoys repurposing or upcycling found media. He has plans to make jewelry from the outside of bowling balls and hopes to have some of those pieces available at the Nov. 30 sale.

“I’ve got a love for tools,” he said. “That’s a big part of it, is just using different tools. And, trying to figure out different ways to work metal so it comes out appealing.”

Heimsoth said community support means everything to each local artist and he hopes to see the arts grow in Sedalia.

“We’re just a small little community gallery project,” he noted. “We live or die by word of mouth. Call your grandma, share it on Facebook. If you are into arts and into supporting local people, even if you’re not going to buy anything, just spread the word and help us out.”

The Art Sale & Cocktails at the Co-op will begin at 4:30 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 30 at the 7th Street Artist Co-op, 522 W. Seventh St. For more information, call Heimsoth at 660-221-9569 or like the 7th Street Artist Co-op Facebook page.

Arts & Entertainment Reporter

Faith Bemiss is a reporter for the Sedalia Democrat, covering general assignment, arts, food and entertainment stories. She can be reached at 660-530-0289.

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