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Shawn McCue

The start of a new school year often brings with it a level of uncertainty and expectations for students, teachers and administrators. Throw in a global pandemic, and those unknowns can be more challenging to overcome.

In all likelihood, this cannot be said for Dr. Shawn McCue, who has been named junior and senior high principal for the Pettis County R-V (Northwest) School District. McCue has worked in education for 18 years. Ten of those have been as an administrator.

This year marks a homecoming for McCue, who spent his first four years as a teacher and coach at Northwest.  

“I am extremely excited to have been chosen as the new Northwest principal and to be part of the Pettis County R-V educational family,” McCue said via email. “I am looking forward to meeting all of the stakeholders, community members and hope to be able to visit with all of you personally in the very near future.”

McCue grew up in Sedalia and received his undergraduate and master’s degree at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg. He received a doctorate from Maryville University. Having worked for the Department of Homeland Security, McCue said he “believes my passion, purpose and my mission in life is to educate children. It’s awesome to be back here at Northwest.”

McCue brings a diverse background of experience with him.

He is a former Guinness World record holder in soccer. In 2006, he juggled a soccer ball on his foot without it hitting the ground 155 times in 30 seconds. McCue is also a published author who wrote a book on language derivatives and peripheral using ethereal thought suppositions of cognition.

According to both McCue and Northwest Superintendent Dr. Amy Fagg, the district will emphasize curriculum and reading at the secondary level this year.

“Along with all of the additional responsibilities required of all school employees this year, Dr. McCue has begun the year focusing on curriculum and our reading program,” Fagg said via email. “Dr. McCue's positive attitude toward teaching and learning is a great asset to our district.

“He was a teacher here years ago and was remembered fondly for his energetic approach to teaching,” Fagg continued. “Having been a member of our school community in prior years it was easy to envision him as a leader in the school.”  

McCue listed his wife, two sons and family, reading, writing, the outdoors and powerlifting as other areas of interest.  

“Our goal together is to create a positive and engaging environment for all children to attain their full potential and dreams,” McCue explained. “This year we are emphasizing reading at the secondary level as a fundamental underpinning for our student’s ongoing life success.    

“I believe that being an educator is one of the most admirable and honorable paths one can take,” McCue commented. “I look forward to sharing in this imperative role of educating children in this community for today’s world.”

Education Reporter

Hope Lecchi is the education reporter for the Democrat, covering all things education in Sedalia and Pettis County, as well as providing general assignment and feature coverage. She can be reached at 660-530-0144.

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