The Sedalia City Council met Monday evening where members said goodbye to a council member while welcoming another along with approving several ordinances. 

Former Ward 4 City Councilwoman Megan Page announced in June she would be resigning from the board due to her family buying a house outside of city limits. When a council member is unable to complete their term, the mayor is authorized to select a Sedalia citizen to complete it. Page was presented with a plaque by Kehde and thanked for her service to the city. 

Mayor John Kehde announced his pick was Jeff Wimann, which the city council approved and Wimann was sworn into the seat. Wimann ran for the other vacant Ward 4 seat in the June election but was defeated by Ward 4 Councilwoman Rhiannon Foster. 

“I would like to thank two people,” Wimann said. “Mayor Kehde, thank you for the appointment. I will do everything I can to help the city of Sedalia.”

“I want to thank Megan for moving,” Wimann joked. 

The board approved a revision on the contract with KC Gunite Inc. of Belton. The council previously had approved an estimated $3.3 million bid from KC Gunite during the winter for the construction of the pools inside the center based on the concept with the goal to hire a speciality company to help complete the design. 

“When they bid the concept the exact construction specifications and the drawings and all of that were not available because we were trying to their assistance to help us get to that point,” explained City Administrator Kelvin Shaw.

Ward 1 Councilman Jeff Leeman explained now that the design was complete KC Gunite was able to bid the project on the exact specification. The new bid total was $4.5 million. Shaw explained the company brought a few things to the table as options like improving the air system in the pool to improve the air quality. 

“The majority of the rest of those things were things that were either left out of the specifications, the pool size itself changed a little bit from that concept...” Shaw said. “As I recall the biggest driver of the cost was really the piping and how the piping ran and what size the pipes were. The size of the filters and those kinds of things.” 

Shaw explained when the company originally bid there were not a lot of specifications on that. Shaw said the city was confident the changes made were things which needed to happen and added the project was still under budget. 

Parks and Recreation Director Amy Epple also provided a comment to the council. 

“These are not the diamonds and the jewels to make it more elaborate,” Epple stated. “This is really necessary things that we need to have a pool that is healthy and safe for the participants and for the swim team that will be diving...These aren’t extra bells and whistles, these are necessities that we have to have.”

The council also amended and added certain sections of Chapter 14, Article II of the Code of Ordinances of the city by amending Section 14-23 to eliminate the reference to the Cemetery Public Works Committee; and added Section 14-30 relating to the placement and removal of flowers, ornaments and decoration in city cemeteries prior to and after Memorial Day. 

Cemetery Director Roger Waters explained staff was taking an extensive amount of time during the day moving items around graves in order to maintain the grounds and then having to move them back. Instead the city is only going to allow the items around graves the week before and after Memorial Day like other area cemeteries.

“This will help us to maintain the grounds in a more efficient manner,” Waters explained. “Right now staff is spending between a half and quarter of our day moving flowers away from headstones so that we can weedeat.”

Waters added staff was encouraging individuals to utilize shepards hooks to put flowers or the vases on headstones. He also thought it was important to give families now a week or two to remove their items before staff did. 

The board also approved a quote between the city and Power Equipment Sales Company, Inc. for the purchase of 21 decorative lights for the Streetscape Phase IV Project at $74,340. Shaw explained the lights typically used in streetscape were provided by Evergy and then leased to the city. The city has been in discussions with Evergy to change this from lease to ownership for the city with meter services to the entire area. 

“Staff believes long term that this is the right way to go and Evergy stated that they would like to exit this part of the business anyway,” Leeman explained. 

Council also: 

• Gave a service award to Finance Department Accounting Manager Peggy Bay for 20 years of service. 

• Approved the June 15, 2020, council meeting minutes. 

• Heard a presentation on the Sedalia Police Department’s crisis intervention by Detective Mark Cherry.

• Heard a presentation on autism awareness from Ward 1 Councilman Tom Oldham. 

• Approved an agreement between the city and Central Salt, LLC for transport and purchase of rock salt. 

• Accepted a staff recommendation to award the Engineer Plan Consultant for water and wastewater master plan and hydraulic model to Burns & McDonnell and Barr Engineering Co. 

• Approved an ordinance between the city and The Spay & Neuter Clinic, LLC for veterinary services for the Sedalia Animal Shelter. 

• Approved an agreement between the city and TOMO Drug Testing for substance and alcohol testing for the city. 

• Amended Section 4-8 of the city’s Code of Ordinances for the serving and consumption of alcohol at sidewalk cafes to include parklets located upon a public street. 

• Approved a sales agreement between the city and Midwest Econo Sales for the purchasing of two waste oil furnaces to be utilized by the vehicle maintenance division. 

• Approved a quote between the city and Bryant Motor Co. for the purchase of a half-ton truck to be utilized by the mowing and alley maintenance division. 

• Approved a one year contract extension between the city and Hansen’s Tree, Lawn, & Landscaping Services LLC for yard waste grinding. 

• Approved an agreement between the city, Sedalia Parks & Recreation Department and KC Gunite Inc. for the construction of an aquatics center in the Heckart Community Center. 

• Approved an ordinance allowing overnight camping/parking in Katy Park for the “Big Bikers Across Missouri (BAM) On the Katy” event July 22 and July 25 in Katy Park. 

• Approved construction change directives between the city, Sedalia Parks & Recreation Department, Coreslab Structures Inc., Paric Corporation and A1 J. Mueller Construction for the Heckart Community Center. 

• Amended the budget for the Fiscal Year 2020-2021 regarding the purchase of decorative lighting for the streetscape project. 

• Approved an agreement between the city and Engineering Surveys and Services, LLC for construction engineering inspection services for the Sedalia Rail Industrial Park-Rail Spur Project. 

• Renewed and approved new liquor licenses. 

• Held a closed door session for legal advice and the lease, sale or purchase of real estate. 

• All council members were present.


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