Feb. 3

Robert Lee Owens Sr. to John B. Nichols and Sara Nichols, Maganns Subdivision lots 7 and 8.

Feb. 4

Alla Galchenko and Pavel Galchenko to Alexsandr Yakovcjuk, section 18, township 45, range 21.

Randy M. Vinson and Sherry L. Vinson to Jennifer E. Wiseman, Hill Crest Addition lots 131 through 134.

Feb. 5

Esther Kostis and Steven W. Kostis to Eric C. Miller and Trisha C. Miller, Southwest Village, lot 10, block 1.

Andrew M. Klein to Bgatov Living Trust, section 9, township 45, range 21.

Raymond Bell and Judith Bell to Carl E. Michael II and Melonie L. Michael, Campbell Addition lots 4 and 5, block 10.

Central Bank of Sedalia to Genesis Home Solutions LLC, Heards 2nd Addition, lot 8, block 12.

William J. Whelan to Genesis Home Solutions LLC, Browns E T 1st Addition, lots 8 and 9, block 3; Hastings Addition lots 8 and 9, block 1; McVey’s 2nd Addition, lot 4, block 4; Coe’s Addition lot 4, block 3; Barrett and Metskers lot 4, block 13.

Larry J. Ream and Melody Ream to Aleksey Tsurkan and Lyubov Tsurkan, section 2, township 46, range 21.

Feb. 6

William Alexander Heimsoth, Rebecca Ann Sveom and Rebecca Ann Heimsoth to Lindsay A, Willis, Southwest Village lot 2, block 2.

Feb. 7

Suzanne F. Ashby to Christopher S. Lazenby, Sunnt Slope Subdivision, lot 2, block 1.

Donald Lee Brown and Barbara S. Brown to Vladimir Kmet and Olga Kmet, section 22, township 44, range 22.

Mark R. Teter and Catherine L. Teter to Hope Headings and Nathan Headings, section 25, township 45, range 20.

Susan R. Sheppard, Christopher Storm Sheppard, Tina Graham and Dameon Graham to Kapital Carpentry LLC, Smith and Martins 1st Addition, lots 3 and 4, block 24.

Arthur J. Borgmeyer and Olivia P. Borgmeyer to Miriam E. Ponce, Dresden lots 4 through 8. Linda L. Heydt to Willis Byler, section 4, township 45, range 

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