June 10

Andrew G. West to Cody Bert, West View Addition, lot 5, block 2.

Christopher P. Smith and Serena R. Smith to Andrew G. West, Covered Bridge Estates Plat 1, lot 11.

Thomas L. Meyer, Randall D. Craig, and Phyllis J. Craig to Michael Dunlap, Dresden, lots 46 through 48.

Sharon Brown to Michael Allen Graves, Trustee and Michael Allen Graves Living Trust, Letourneau’s 3rd Addition, lot 67.

Elizabeth Colleen Redford Sullivan to Aztech Contracting LLC, Prairie Heights, lot 20.

Travis Scott Trotter, Heather Trotter, Pamela Lynn Monsees, Mary Trotter and Michael G. Trotter to Gervase Wayne Lamb and Gayle A. Lamb, section 18, township 45, range 20.

Nathan Travis Warth to Traci M. Kristofik, Hunter’s Ridge 3rd Subdivision, lot 27.

Matz Properties Partnership to Cheryl M. Wilson, Arlington Heights Addition, block C.

Cheryl M. Wilson to Sally L. Crews, Arlington Heights Addition, block C.

Kevin A. Rucker and Kimber M. Rucker to Austin T. Clark, Morris and Schultz’s 1st Addition, lot 6.

June 11

Vera Shcherbina to Vera Shcherbina, section 25, township 47, range 21.

Pearl River Properties LLC to Inter-State Studio and Publishing Co. Martin and Smith 2nd Addition, lots 4 and 5, block 37.

Valentina Solovyeva to Dedra Marie Stowe and Joshua Tyler Anderson, Southgate Addition, lot 1.

June 12

L.F. Johnson to Dyana Cunningham and Jay Q. Johnson, section 9, township 45, range 21.

Melvin C. Thierfelder and Mary E. Thierfelder to Maria D. Diaz, section 11, township 46, range 20.

June 13

Pollitt Enterprises of Missouri LLC to Megan Lewis and Rick D. Lewis, Woodwards Addition, lots 10 through 12,  block 1.

Juan Arroyo to Arslan F. Sultan and Natalya N. Sultan, Letourneau’s Addition, lot 5.

William J. Whelan to Efrain Baeza Nunez, Elvira P. Vazquez, Giselle Cruz DeBaeza and Arreola J. Trinidad Valquez, Heard’s 2nd Addition, lot 8, block 9; Smith and Cottons 7th Addition, lot 2, block 8.

Sergy Zayats to Oleg Dimidenko and Lyudmila Dimidenko, Rolling Hills Replat, lot 8, block 5.

June 14

Joel Waggoner and Joanna Waggoner to Paul W. Brown, Browns E.T. 2nd and 3rd Addition lot 9, block 3.

John E. Schibi Jr., and Mary Roberta Schibi, to HLI Inc., West View Addition lots 3 and 4, block 22.

John E. Schibi Jr., and Mary Roberta Schibi to Maria Fernanda Almazan, West View Addition, lots 3 and 4, block 22.

HLI Inc. to Maria Fernandia Almazan, West View Addition lots 3 and 4, block 22.

Michael C. Bolin and Sara J. Watterson to Clayton M. Johnson, Dal Whi Mo Place, lot 22, block 3.

Christopher Williams to Debra Williams, section 5, township 44, range 23.

Brenda Gennetten to Brian A. Burnett, section 13, township 44, range 21.

Rainbow Rentals of Sedalia LLC to Carol McFeeters, Southwest Village, lot 10, block 2.

MRB9 LLC to Oil Investments N65 LLC, section 27, township 46, range 21.

MRB9 LLC and MRB 11 LLC to Zakhariy Izoita, section 27,  township 46, range 21.

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