March 11

John F. Leach to Christopher A. Sidener, Ritcheys 3rd Addition, lot 1, block 2.

Shirley A. Alexander to James Michael Webb Jr., Country Club Addition, lots 6 and 7, block 7.

Rhoads Rentals LLC to Laronda J. Selectman, West View Addition 2nd Part, lots 16 and 17, block 19.

Nora Ann Nelson to Matthew Vickery and Kayla Vickery, section 5, township 45, range 23.

Andrew M. Holdeman and Leigha Jarise Holdeman to Expert Construction LLC, Martin and Cottons 4th Addition, lots 6 through 8, block 7.

Central Bank of Sedalia to Carla Charlene Huey and Bryan Slaughter, Houstonia Longan, lots 5 and 6, block 15.

March 12

Judith M. Wasson to Carrie Galloway, Easter Galloway, and Gavin Galloway, Crest View Court, lots 10 and 11, block 2.

March 13

Robert D. Hayden and Barbara J. Hayden to Retrieving Freedom Inc., section 11, township 46, range 21, easement.  

Roman O. Vykhovanets and Yuliya V. Vykhovanets to Roman O. Vykhovanets and Yuliya V. Vykhovanets, Rolling Hills replat of lot 8.

March 14

Gaylee Thompson Briese and Ralph Paul Briese Jr., to Richard L. Kindle, Smith and Potters 2nd Addition, lots 1 and 2, block 2.

Richard T. Kendrick Trust, Richard T. Kendrick Trustee, Marjorie A. Kendrick Trustee, Marjorie A. Kendrick Trust, to Richard T. Kendrick Trustee, Marjorie A. Kendrick Trustee, Kendrick Family Trust, sections 34 and 35, township 44, range 20.

March 15

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Sara Nichols and Robert John Nichols, Martin and Cottons 4th Addition, lot 6, block 12. Cheryl A. Ames to Todd J. Hudson and Candy P. Hudson, section 20, township 45, range 21; section 20, township 45, range 21, easement.

Veterans Affairs to Jerry Dillner, Pacific Heights, lots 19 and 20, block 17.

Douglas S. Tilman to Chance Reed Fisher and Ashley Lynn Fisher, Scotts Dale Estates, lot 11.

Todd Cote and Karen Cote to David Stoermer, Cotton Brothers 1st  and 2nd Addition, lot 3, block 27.

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