John W. Archambault Jr. 

A Sedalia man has been charged in a sodomy case involving three minors. 

John W. Archambault Jr., 36, of the 26200 block of Goodwill Chapel Road, has been charged with two counts of first-degree sodomy and misdemeanor furnishing pornographic material or attempting to furnish to a minor. 

According to court documents, an officer responded to Child Safe of Central Missouri for the forensic interviews of three juveniles on May 21. The first juvenile said “Johnny” did “disgusting stuff” and made them watch “sex videos” on more than one occasion. The juvenile also said Archambault allegedly made the juvenile lay in bed with him while the child was clothed and Archambault was not. 

In the documents, the juvenile also alleged Archambault made the juvenile perform oral sex on him and tried to get the juvenile to drink a glass of his urine. 

According to court documents, the second juvenile stated Archambault forced them to watch “sex videos.” The second juvenile denied being touched inappropriately but remembered being told by the other children about what was done to them. 

According to court documents, the third juvenile said Archambault forced them to sleep with him and watch “sex tapes.” They also alleged Archambault forced them to perform oral sex on him and that once Archambault had raped them. They also recalled Archambault attempting to get them to drink a glass of what they thought was his urine. 

The officer spoke with Archambault’s former landlord who said he and a roommate also known to the children were evicted. The landlord noted the house was in a generally unkempt state and at one point they went inside the house and noted Archambault appeared to have containers filled with urine in his bedroom. 

According to court documents, Archambault agreed to come with an officer to the Sedalia Police Department on May 28. He acknowledged he knew the children and their father but could not remember the children’s names. 

According to the documents, Archambault said he did watch pornography but denied watching any around the children. 

The officer suggested using a computer voice stress analysis to determine if Archambault was being truthful. Archambault agreed to take it but quickly reversed the decision and said he was not trustful of them. He said he was on “medications” and was unsure of what his body would do. He then asked to speak with a lawyer and the interview was concluded. 

Archambault is being held on no bond at the Pettis County Jail.

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