Sedalia Aesthetics recently moved to a bigger, more convenient location in downtown Sedalia. 

After opening in April 2018, owners Michelle and Step Bassett moved Sedalia Aesthetics to 312 S. Ohio Ave. in downtown Sedalia in mid-July after growing out of their previous location on West Broadway Boulevard. 

Michelle Bassett is a registered nurse who was always interested in aesthetics. She said a hard job market led to getting trained in the field and ultimately renting a couple of rooms at another location. Michelle Bassett said her initial plan was to only work a few days a month because she assumed that was all the business she would get. 

“I was willing to work more. We just didn't think that there would be that much of a need, that there would be that big of a response, so we were pleasantly surprised...We just stayed busy,” she said. 

They opened Sedalia Aesthetics on Broadway Boulevard last April before moving to their downtown location for a more efficient workspace. The Ohio Avenue building was the “best space” for them to build their treatment rooms, according to Bassett. 

Bassett does the treatments along with six other nurses. She said she does not think there is a difference between nursing and what she is doing now. 

“The reason that we went to where we want only nurses doing our procedures is because we want it to be looked at in the same way as if you were in the hospital,” she said. “We want everything to be looked at and carried out and make sure it’s done in a safe, effective, comfortable way. We felt like that was the best way to go.”

While Sedalia Aesthetics offers a variety of treatments, some of its most popular treatments are injectables. 

“With injectables, we target two different things...So if you have frown lines and you use a neurotoxin, which is just a small injection, it is paralyzing those muscles so you can’t create that movement anymore,” Bassett explained. “When people are constantly frowning those lines will then become there permanently so by using a neurotoxin it just relaxes those muscles and makes everything soften up. That’s how neurotoxin injectable work.

“A filler, depending on where you use it, you can use it to add volume. If you wanted your lips done you can use that to add volume or you can use it to restore volume like if you had lines.”

Other services include skin tightening for the face or body, cellulite treatment, CoolSculpting, Glow and Go facials, heated spray tans, Ultherapy, tattoo removal, and skin resurfacing. 

She said the process of opening the business was extensive and the staff is constantly going through training and updating policies and procedures to provide the best treatments for their clients. 

For people who may be hesitant about the procedures, Bassett said education is the most important way to help them feel more comfortable. All of the treatments are either minimally or non-invasive and have “very little downtime.”

“We always offer free consultations, so on Facebook we get a ton of people who ask questions. We try really hard to encourage people to come in and talk to us,” Bassett said. “Even as far as showing them the equipment and how it works. It comes down to patient education, client education. That way they can make an educated decision and have realistic goals.”

After moving to Sedalia six years ago, the Bassetts are thankful for the support Sedalia has shown them and have been “pleasantly surprised” by the response Sedalia Aesthetics has gotten. 

“We’re a family business. We’re very thankful for what Sedalia has done for our family, Bassett said. “We try to invest back into the business so that we can continue to give the gold standard of treatments and have those available for people.”

For more information, call 660-553-5103 or visit or

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