The Sedalia City Council met for a special meeting Thursday night to approve a water systems improvement agreement and two bids for the city’s rail spur project.

The council was given the option to approve either an agreement with Hettinger Excavating LLC for 2018 Water System Improvements Contract No. 3 South of Broadway Boulevard for $2.4. million or an agreement with M&M Landscaping and Construction LLC at $2.5 million for the same project. 

The Hettinger agreement had been tabled by the council during Monday night’s meeting after Ward 2 Councilman Andrew Dawson brought up concerns about a resident of his ward’s car being damaged and the company not resolving the issue at the time of the meeting. 

City Attorney Anne Gardner said she spoke with the other party and Mr. Hettinger about the issue. According to Gardner, Hettinger said he was going to take care of it whether it was out of his own pocket or through his insurance company but the details for the payment had not been decided yet. She also said Hettinger said the company would take full responsibility for the issue. 

“We’ll make sure that it gets taken care of,” Gardner said. 

Another concern raised during Monday’s meeting was about a project Hettinger Excavating is already doing for the city. Public Works Director Brenda Ardrey said she spoke with the company about it.

“The pipe portion of his contract was good, his plant seeding and his general upkeep of the site is what we’re going to have to work on,” Ardrey said. “He has agreed to work with us on that.”

The council approved the agreement with Hettinger. Ward 3 Councilman Charles Lowe abstained. 

Council also approved two bids for the Sedalia Rail Industrial Park rail spur. 

“One is the excavation or all of the dirt work if you will and laying the aggregate to lay the bed and all of that,” City Administrator Kelvin Shaw explained. “Then there’s the bid package for the construction or the actual constructing of the rail spur itself, laying the track and those kinds of things.”

Shaw explained although the council previously approved bids for the project, the grant agreement the city received through the United States Department of Transportation required the city to put the bids out again. The city was required to add some things to the packet and do things to meet all of the code of federal regulations. 

“The engineers and Brenda (Ardrey) have gone through and reviewed those (bids) and the same two low bids were the low bidders this time,” Shaw said. “So we were pleased with that because we had already reviewed theirs and were comfortable with those folks.”

One agreement is with Phillips Hardy Inc. for excavation and utility relocations at $2.7 million. Lowe abstained. 

The other agreement is with Capital Railroad Contracting Inc. for rail and at-grade rail crossing construction at $2.5 million.

Shaw said the roughly $5.2 million total is slightly under budget “so it should all work out well within our grant.” 

Council also held a closed door session for legal advice and lease, sale or purchase of real estate. 

All council members were present. 

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