During daily meetings Oct. 14-18, the Pettis County Commission:

• Voted to approve a no parking or no standing order at the request of Pettis County Sheriff Kevin Bond for a portion of Sacajawea Road.

Commission Order 04-2019 1819 reads as follows: “Under RSMo 42-466 and in the interest of public safety, Pettis County Commission establish a No parking or No standing on the north and south sides of Sacajawea Road on the roadway and county easements from the intersection of the Katy Trail, east 300 hundred feet and west 600 feet. All ordinances or parts of ordinances therefore enacted which are in conflict herewith are hereby repealed.”

The ordinance went into full effect Oct. 14.

• Heard from Pettis County Treasurer Kim Lyne who reported county sales tax revenue has increased 14% for the month of September. Annually, county sales tax revenue is up 8.5 % for the year. The county use tax has increased to 35.5 % for the year.

• Heard from Sedalia-Pettis County Emergency Management Agency Director Trisha Rooda who reported the Emergency Management Planning Grant is complete and will be submitted. New floodplain maps are completed and are ready for review by the commission.

• Heard from IT Director Luke Goosen who reported Wi-Fi upgrades have been completed in Judge Paul Beard’s courtroom and offices. Goosen is also updating information detailing specifications for possible road openings and closings on the county’s website.

• Reported the country Road and Bridge Department has completed 20 miles of chip and seal road work to date throughout the county.

• Approved a request by Missouri Right to Life for use of the Courthouse grounds on Jan. 22.

• Western County Commissioner Jim Marcum and Sedalia/Pettis County 911 Director James Theisen attended a three-day Federal Highway Right of Way Conference in Kansas City. 

• Met with resident Don Abney concerning the width of the right of way on Mt. Herman Road. 

• The census for the Pettis County Jail for the week of Sept. 30 is 203 inmates.

The Pettis County Commission meets at 9 a.m. Monday through Friday in Commission Chambers on the second floor of the Pettis County Courthouse. To make an appointment or to request an issue be placed on the commission’s agenda, call the Pettis County Clerk’s Office at 660-826-5000 ext. 918. 

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