Chris Woolery

After being challenged by two individuals for his position in the Pettis County Assessor race, incumbent Christopher Woolery emerged as the winner in Tuesday’s election. 

Woolery, who has been in the position for three years and has worked in the department since 2011, received 3,854 votes, or 59.03% of the vote.  

Woolery said he was doing “great” and was “pretty elated.” He said he was thankful for people keeping their trust in him. 

“It’s very humbling to see so many people have kept their faith in me over the last few years,” he said. “There have been some less than unfavorable things that have had to happen but people have stuck with me through that and I really appreciate it…

“To the public, thank you very much for supporting me through all of this and I’ll continue to do the best job I can to make everything right for the people of Pettis County,” he added. 

Woolery said his plans for the office are to continue working on cross training in the office and continue working on electronic organization. 

“My goal is to have multiple people doing a lot more of the more difficult tasks that I do so that I’m not the only one who knows it,” Woolery explained. “Even if I’m not in the office anyone can get a hold of me on my cellphone but it’s better to have people who can actually do the hands on stuff as well...I’ve been training in new areas for some people and I’ve got a good group of people that really pick up on things. 

“The closest plan that I’m working on right now is just getting everything organized electronically so I can get more information out to the people,” he added. 

Woolery was challenged by Pettis County Deputy Assessor Amber Bridges who began working in the county’s personal property department before moving to the real estate department. Bridges received 1,691 votes, or 25.9%.

“I just appreciate all the votes that I did get and congratulations to Chris,” Bridges told the Democrat. 

Woolery was also challenged by Sedalia Ward 1 Councilman Tom Oldham who received 984 votes, or 15.07%. 

“First off I want to thank everybody who voted for me,” Oldham told the Democrat. “I want to thank them for the support, the support of my friends and family who have worked hard to get me to the point where I am. I want to congratulate Chris on his victory of retaining his seat as county assessor…

“Amber did a fantastic job at running a campaign,” he added. “I was happy to build a friendship with her. I also look forward to working with Chris and with Amber and with the county on any issues in the future as well.” 

Oldham also encouraged Woolery to maintain transparency and communication with the public because those were the issues Oldham encountered the most with the public when campaigning. 

As for the future, Oldham said he will continue his service as a councilman in Sedalia. 

“I’m going to work harder with Downtown Sedalia Alliance and we’re going to make sure that downtown is completely re-innovated…” Oldham said. “We’re going to see a lot of new businesses come to downtown.

“Also as walking throughout the county for this campaign I definitely see an issue with sidewalks,” he added. “That’s going to be my focus this year with the city as well.” 

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