I almost can’t believe I am saying this, but today’s column marks one entire year since I started writing this weekly column. 

t sounds cliché but this year went by so extremely fast. A lot has changed in a year both in my life and in Sedalia. 

A year ago, Nucor had not even broken ground, now it is quickly nearing completion and it is huge; a year ago I didn’t realize I’d get surgery and radiation (which was quite the adventure); and a year ago the Econo Lodge parking lot had intense speed bumps that are now gone. 

Even though a lot has changed in a year, a lot has stayed the same. I still have the same awesome boyfriend, it is still way too hot here and there has still been zero progress on the downtown park.

I’ve written about a lot of things in the course of the year, from politics to my favorite albums of 2018 to a hotly contested history lesson on “Baby its Cold Outside.” I always tried to write what was on my mind at the time no matter how seemingly random it is.

I’d like to thank everyone in the past year who has stopped me to say they like my column. A lot of you said you like my writing even though we don’t agree on a lot of things, which I also appreciate. I know we haven’t always agreed but I appreciate that those who don’t agree with me saw I always try to write from a place of civility and respect. (Except anti-vaccination fanatics. You are trying to kill us.).

I have never seen the purpose of expressing one’s opinion from a place of anger and hatred. Life is way too short to divide people like that. Plus it is much easier to control people who are divided and angry at each other. At the end of the day, we are all in this together so we might as well communicate with civility and respect.

This concept will be even more important in the upcoming year. The 2020 Presidential election is guaranteed to be a heated conversation topic. In fact, it is already causing a lot of heated discussions on Facebook and in real life. It is completely possible to be on completely opposite ends of the opinion spectrum with another human and discuss things you don’t agree on without resulting to personal insults. 

Heck, you can even be close friends with them. I have several close friends who are extremely conservative or extremely liberal and we talk politics all the time without it getting out of control. In fact, we have discovered time and time again that we have more in common opinion-wise than we think.

So, do me a favor: in the next year as you discuss the election and all the issues surrounding it, whether you are arguing on Facebook or online, try to be nice about it. And I will do you a favor and keep writing awesome columns.

PS: Good morning Mom and Dad, I can’t get coffee because it’s not a holiday. 

Contributing Columnist

Jennifer Langdon is an account executive at Townsquare Media and is president of Sedalia Young Professionals.

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