I have decided that my vote for President of the United States will go to Donald J. Trump in the upcoming election.

My decision has not come lightly, although it has become easier with each passing week.

If Joe Biden is the best that the Democrat Party has to offer, they need to fiercely go back to the drawing board over the next four years to find someone who will stand for all people and not fear or fall victim to those with money, power and influence in the political war.

Donald Trump is unrefined. He is a native New Yorker who says whatever comes to him without giving it much thought. I don’t care for that about him, although as many of you know about me, I have the same problem sometimes. Maybe that’s why I can forgive his lack of tact.

I don’t care for the way Donald Trump drags on about the same things over and over again, turning what should be a 40-minute address into 70 minutes. That type of grandstanding makes me curl my nose and roll my eyes (something I’m working on not doing in public).

They say that the things you like least in others are the things that you probably should work on within yourself. If I’m being honest, that has been true for me.

Over the past three and a half years, we have seen exponential growth in our economy, an aggressive decrease in our dependence on China, no new wars, the lowest unemployment rate in decades and the beginning of years of promised improved infrastructure. We have seen major industries come back to the U.S. creating thousands of new jobs and we have seen start-up businesses fly because of decreased regulations that prohibited the American Dream from moving forward.

When COVID-19 hit, rather than coming together to fight this deadly virus, the Democrats sat back and made it harder for the President to do his job. They put him in a boat, pushed him out on the water and allowed him to fend for himself. That is petty and does not support Americans who have been fighting for their lives. Their attempts to drown him with COVID-19 failed because Trump always seems to be able to out-smart them.

When cries for help came from the Black community regarding police brutality, the Democrats took full advantage of the situation. They encouraged rioting, calling for people to attack any Republican statesman they could find. The Democrats openly sent protestors to the homes of Republican leaders and called for threats of violence (which they inevitably achieved) against them and others.

Now we see what started as peaceful protests for a good and honorable reason, turn to rioting, looting, injury and death. Each of these violent protests formed in Democratic cities and none of their officials have stepped up to put an end to it.


These Democratic leaders have the ability to stop the violent attacks on their citizens, businesses and state buildings, but they have chosen not to. For over 100 days, we have followed what is happening in Portland, Oregon, by mostly members of Antifa without a call from one Democratic leader to end the violence. Attempts by President Trump to reach out to these leaders to provide assistance in bringing this outrage to an end have been met with animosity and intolerance based solely on their political party’s agenda.

Former Vice President Biden could have stepped in to offer counsel to these Democratic state leaders, but his base is telling him that allowing this to continue will help him win his coveted seat as President. Rather, he sat in his basement like a puppet on a string and did nothing but watch.

It would seem to me that he missed his opportunity to be the one to step in and save the day by reaching out to these burning cities and putting an end to the violence. He missed his day.

Are we really naïve enough to believe that Joe Biden would actually be the leader of our country anyway? He can’t even finish a sentence without having to stop to recall his thought. No, there are people drooling for Joe Biden to capture this win so they can run the country.

Have you ever heard that there are only a handful of people running the world? I have never been more convinced of this truth than I am now. These people cannot control the foul-mouthed (although extremely intelligent) Donald Trump, who happens to know exactly who they are. This is why we find ourselves in the middle of a stormy mess right before the most important election of our lifetimes.

I was once on the fence about where my vote would go because like many, I didn’t appreciate Trump’s demeanor. But I can tell you without hesitancy that his demeanor is nothing in comparison to the destruction of our beautiful cities that is being allowed and condoned by the left.

I will be voting for President Donald J. Trump.

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Wear a mask, dummy.

The timing of this being printed is awful for you. I assume you also believe that our troops are "losers" and "suckers" like the candidate you have chosen to endorse does. Shame on you.

Wear a mask, dummy.

Look up who is doing to destroying. Peaceful protests turn violent when racist right wing mobs show up armed with the protection of law enforcement. If your choice is fascism, then you deserve what you are voting for.

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