2019 is a weird time. This week the Navy did confirm that Tom DeLonge did in fact film a video that showed UFOs that were violating American airspace. Let me rephrase that, Tom DeLonge of the punk band Blink 182 got the American Military to admit that video proof of UFOs exist. Not only that, but Dancing with The Stars premiered this week and that featured former White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer shimmying across the screen in a neon green outfit.

Even though both of those things are pretty odd, the most interesting thing that has happened this week is the very sudden and loud war on vaping and e-cigarettes. Last week President Trump announced that he was going to work with the FDA to ban all flavored cigarettes and vaping mechanisms due to their dangers. Now, I am not a fan of vaping. First off, it is confusing to smell a delicious snack and it turns out to be just someone and their cloud of lies. But more importantly there has been little to no research done on the long term effects of vaping on our health. It greatly irks me when someone announces that they quit smoking and then pulls out their vape. No, I am sorry but you are still ingesting nicotine, it is just being delivered differently.

Regardless, of my personal feelings on vaping I found the outright and total ban to be very odd. Trump cited the number of deaths and illnesses connected to them. As of today, there has been less than a dozen deaths directly due to vaping. My thought is there is a lot of things out there that kill way more people than vaping has so far, but we don’t ban those things.

Selfies. Selfies kill 259 Americans a year. Generally these are people taking selfies in stupid places like cliffs or train tracks, but still 259 Americans a year. 20 people were killed in 2015 by horses, but cattle actually killed 22 people so we should probably ban them first (Plus according to some liberals cattle are killing the earth or something). In 2015, 13,386 lost their lives due to gun violence (excluding suicide) Alcohol leads to 88,000 American deaths a year, and actual cigarettes contribute to the deaths of 480,000 people a year.

Even though I do believe it is a good thing to get in front of a health threat. Especially a health threat that teens are really into. I cannot help but wonder why we are not tackling other things that we know are killing and harming significantly more Americans. The cynic in me believes that this can be directly blamed on money. The NRA, Big Tobacco and tons of other lobbying groups spends millions of dollars each year on making sure that the sales of their products are not too restricted. Plus, vaping is a direct threat to the profit of Big Tobacco, so they are apt to spend heavily to make sure they continue to profit. Or maybe this was just a strategic move for the 2020 Trump Campaign. It is really hard to say.

Regardless, if we are going to take action against one item that is harming Americans, maybe we need to broaden the scope and look at other things as well rather than brushing them under the rug. 

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