Dear Editor: 

I was reminded today that the Sedalia Democrat archives is a wonderful place to visit, if like me you love nostalgia stories.

I found this story there in 2004 when I was researching past news stories for a radio show for the 65th anniversary of KDRO Radio when I worked there as a newsman. I ran across the story again today as I was going through the files on my computer. I took it as a sign that the readers of the Democrat might enjoy the old news item since the fair was just in town. I know Jeff Spalding who was at the radio station at the time and still remember that celebration, and our program of nostalgic news stories.

Missouri State Fair officials announced today, July the 2nd 1939 that the demolition of the old 2 lane main entrance gate to the fair grounds located on West 16th Street Road has been accomplished. According to the State Fair officials, construction of a new 4 lane entrance designed by Arthur J.P. Swartz, a Sedalia Architect, will begin very soon. The new gate according to those officials will be 120’ wide, which is 30’ wider than the old gate. The new gate it was said will feature 3 reinforced concrete ticket booths, with a wrought iron superstructure spanning the entire entrance. The superstructure will be centered by the Great Seal of The State of Missouri. Flagpoles at each end of the superstructure will reach a height of 30’, while one above the great seal will soar 6 feet higher. The gate, which is scheduled to be completed in plenty of time to accommodate the 100,000 visitors that will pass through it each day of this year’s Missouri State Fair, is being done by the Maintenance division of the State Fair.

Jack Miller


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