Dear Editor:

Local radio station, 97.7, needs to rein in their morning DJ, Jack Daniels. Or, classify his show as a talk/political/personal rant show. 

The other morning was an example of his political views attacking a candidate and citing unfounded "news" from sources like bloggers and not valid, fact checked news sites. Just another of his rants for anyone not a Trump associate. He does not verify Trump’s "facts" either. Political attacks such as his have no place on a station that calls itself a fun place. Mr. Daniels over the past year has made sexist comments on female anatomy, and a certain male organ. Offensive beyond words! The remarks get people fired, yet he still is employed. 

Free speech is a guarantee, but restraint is called for at work. End the politics. Play music! It's what a DJ is supposed to do.

Sarah Jackson


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Don't listen to his program. Change the station.

Wear a mask, dummy.

I agree. Tank their ratings. I would also add that boycotting and putting pressure on the sponsors of the show would cause a change as well. The reasonable ones, at least.


I listened to this station while Mr. Daniels was on. All I heard was really good classic rock.

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