Dear Editor:

The asinine event that has occurred in Sedalia on July 2 has by no doubt ruined many Sedalians holiday weekend. The Sedalia water department in conjunction with some processing company has stole hundreds of dollars from hundreds of Sedalians. 

Yes it will be returned, in three to seven days but the hassle and the possible turmoil this has caused is ridiculous. Sure I have the privilege of over draft and the department and bank says if you are charged for any over draft it will be taken off but you will have to call to inform them to get it handled. This to is ridiculous, they have taken my money and wasted my time enough with this and their assurance of this is falling on deaf ears as they are the ones who made this mistake in the first place. 

I am angry and I want answers as to how such blatant miss conduct can just be swept away with an “I’m sorry this happened.” I want compensated for my time, I want compensated for being violated and I want the people responsible held accountable for this. Horrible trash service, now this. 

In closing what about the Sedalians that didn’t have the $400 taken from me in their account, they now have overdrafted them and who knows the embarrassment they might have felt when using their debit card and where denied and the ones who might have needed this money to enjoy their weekend. I want heads to roll.

Zachary Smith


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