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MU Extension to host Farm Bill workshop 


The MU Extension Office will be hosting several upcoming educational events for producers in the area. 

A Farm Bill Outreach Workshop will be hosted from 1:30 to 4 p.m. Wednesday, March 24 at the Pettis County Extension Center in Sedalia. There is no charge for this event and is funded through a USDA/NRCS grant. Topics include an Ag Policy Update, Establishing Cover Crops, Grazing Cover Crops, and NRCS/SWCD Cover Crop Cost Share Programs. There is no pre-registration required, so if the weather is bad that day, feel free to spend the afternoon learning about these topics. 

The next program highlights the Missouri Steer Feedout. Information from the feedout information brochure states, “The Missouri Steer Feedout is an educational program for cattle producers. The purpose is to give cattlemen the opportunity to: 1) Evaluate the genetics and management of their calves as they influence feedlot performance and carcass characteristics.  2) See if cattle hit the 70-70-0 target, which is 70% low Choice or better, 70% Yield Grade 1 and 2, and 0% Outs. 3) Gain experience feeding cattle and retaining ownership without the investment and risk of feeding an entire pen of cattle. 4) Improve the reputation of Missouri cattle while exploring market alternatives.” The entry deadline for entering calves into this program is May 10 and there are weaning, feeding, and health protocols that need to be followed in order to enter calves into this program. 

For more information, contact Gene Schmitz at schmitze@missouri.edu or call the Pettis County Extension Center at 660-827-0591.