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Real Estate Transactions


Aug. 28

Christopher K. Schott to Bette J. and Gary L. Hayden and Marina L. and Steven A. Scheiner, Section 11; township 45; range 22.

By His Design Real Estate LLC and Jam Ventures LLC to Mark Stevens, Bunn and Martin’s, block 1, lot 2.

Ahrazue Wilt to Shane Edwards, section 17; township 45; range 21; Gable Phase 1, lot 18.

Cynthia D. Davis, Kristin L. Lewis and Travis R. Prenger to Deer Run Farms of Sedalia, sections 33, 28; township 44; range 22.

Charlotte May Sidwell Shrelton to Carianne and Joel Chappell, section 23; township 45; range 20.

Charlotte May Sidwell Shrelton to Angela M. and Christopher Rages, section 24; township 45; range 20.

Sherry L. Walker to Holly Dow and Marlo Siron, section 5; township 45; range 21; Rainbow Addition 2nd Subdivision, block 6, lots 16, 17.

Vladimir Kotyash to Pavlo and Tamers Kybukevych, section 24; towsnho 45; range 22. Kaitlyn and Kent Kropf to Michael and Sandi Eigsti, section 20; township 47; range 20.

Emily B. and Jason C. Swift to Kaitlyn and Kent Kropf, section 15; township 46; range 21.

Aug. 29

Larry Wilson Farms, Inc. to Elaine Casey Trust, Casey Family Trust and Thomas Paul Casey Sr. Trustee, section 21; township 45; range 22.

Lyudmila Oskolsky to Constantin Dudnic and Lyudmila Oskolsky, Morris and Schultz’s 1st Addition, lot 4.

Matz Properties Partneship to Jill and Royal L. Peterson, Pleasant View Addition, block 2, lots 10, 11, 12.

Antonia Ruby Meza and Pablo Tenorio Vasquez Jr. to Shannon Ward, West View Addition, block 18, lots 6, 7, 8.

Aug. 30

Best Life Properties LLC to Homer Charles Jacob Lucas III and Leah Muhr, Crescent Hill, block 2, lots 1, 17.

Fischer Concrete Services LLC to Ag Co-op Services, Inc., section 9; township 45; range 21.

Irena and Yan Sultanov to Real Estate Bros. LLC, Hale Gentry Addition, block 12, lot 3.

James R. Wikstrom to Real Estate Bros. LLC, section 8; township 45; range 21.

Cynthia D. Davis, Kristin L. Lewis and Travis L. Prenger to Deer Run Farms of Sedalia, sections 33, 28; township 44; range 22.

Aug. 31

Realty Income Corp. to 2004 W. Broadway, Inc., See’s Subdivision, lots 24, 25, 26, 27, 28.

Janey Smith Trustee, Robert G. and Janet S. Smith Family Trust and Robert G. Smith Trustee to Jessica Miranda, Rimel’s Addition, lot 4.

Sedalia Hotel LLC to Sedalia Hotel Group LLC, Southwest Village 1st Addition, Tract A.

Brenda Jonson and John Mchael Kempton to BMW Properties of Texas, Inc., Robbin’s Addition, block 3, lots 8, 9.

S and S Pipeline Services LLC to Zeus Properties and Enterprises LLC, East Side Subdivision, lots 1, 2, 3, 4.

Reynaldo Bedolla to Erick Costilla Alaffa and Victoria Estrada, Brown’s ET 2nd and 3rd Subdivision, block 8, lots 3, 4.

Sept. 1

Chris and Margo Michelle Mathewson to Cynthia L. Hall, Parkview Revised, block 2, lots 15, 16, 17.

Zeus Properties and Enterprises LLC to Carven Investment Group LLC, section 22; township 45; range 22; Dresden, lots 1, 2, 3.

Don A. and Shirley J. Rowe to David and Jennifer Cachero, Hale and Gentry Addition, block 10, lot 8.

Kroeger Properties II LLC to Reynaldo Bedolla, Hale and Porter Subdivision, lots 7, 5, 6.

Terry L. Bates to Donald and Tobie Beyer, Morton’s Subdivision, lot 9.

Cornerstone Ministries of Sedalia to Melissa and Michael Gray, Hughesville Highland, block 4, lots 1, 2, 3.

Quick Service RealCo LLC to Iris Associates of Missouri LP, Fairview Place, block 3.

Sept. 5

Donald Allen and Stacy Lynn Edgar to Janet Putman, Richey’s 3rd Addition, block 6, lots 4, 5, 6.

Dwight T. and Sandra A. Huddleston to Ranelle and Zachary Headings. Sections 36, 35, 25; township 47; range 20.

Stoney Hollow Farm LLC to BTC Bank, section 22; township 46; range 20.

Sept 6

Douglas E. and Loretta Schouten to Douglas E. and Wendy B. Needy, Green Ridge Evered, block 14.

Sept. 7

Josefina and Michael Moore to Douglas E. Whittier, Sedalia, block 17, lot 8.

Sept. 8

Kaira Irwin to Juan Jose Melendez Ayala, Smith and Cotton’s 7th Addition, block 6, lot 3.

DAS Construction LLC to Viktor Kravchuck, section 17; township 45; range 21; Gables Phase 2, lot 38.

Laura R. Oelrichs to Wayne F. Oelrichs Trust and Wayne F. Oelrichs Trustee, sections 27, 30, 30; township 44; range 20.

Jacklin G. Arvey Attorney in Fact and Linda L. Hughes to Bryan S. Harvey, section 14; township 46; range 23.