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Real estate transactions Aug. 2


July 18

Chaz D. Moore to Kayla Blakely, Houstonia Longan, block 17, lot 5 and 6.

Ronald Morrison to Nathanael Bailey, Monsees Lake Estates, lot 17.

Harold T. Hill to Cody L. Bergman, Original Plat Sedalia, block 16, lot 1 and 2.

Janet L., Mark W., Rebecca L., Steven C. Balch, Kathy L. Peter L. McMullin, Nancy A., Timothy C. Welch and Peggy L. Wiser Balch to Janet L. Balch and Jennifer R. Fox, section 14, township 45, range 21, Suburban Acres, lot 8. 

Bobby Lynn, Kimberly Brown, and Ronald L. Warren to Greta F. and Tony J. Turner, Green Ridge, block 18, lot 14 and 15. 

Bailli E. and Garrett Bouslaugh to Jessica D. Morse, West View Addition, block 10, lot 28. 

WMTC Eat Services LLC to Jerry L. Meyer, section 8, township 45, range 20. 

Pluma Via Farm LLC to Alma Olmedo and Jose Olmedo Riveros, section 8, township 44, range 22. 

Dalton and Kelsey L. Christian to Tessa L. Welton, Park View Addition, block 3, lot 17 and 18. 

Aguilar Properties LLC to Dustin and Martha Kempf, section 23, township 46, range 20. 

James L. and Janet G. Weller to Edward L. Winfrey, Martin and Smith 2nd Addition, block 57, lot 7 and 8. 

Justin B. and Sevyn A. Jensen to Jonathan Marks, Bullards S K Subdivision, block 1, lot 2 and 3. 

Jacqueline and Jason Curry to Dalton P. and Kelsey M. Christian, Walnut Hills South, lot 40. 

July 19

Gary Bennett Sr. and Yuriy V. Radetskiy, section 4, township 45, range 21, Belle Place, block, lot 14-18. 

Dillner Enterprises LLC to Kyiv Holdings LLC, section 17, township 45, range 21. 

Judith K. Culler Trustee, the Karen L. Culler Trust, the L. Gale Culler Trust, and Tyrone Jordan Culler Trustee to Rhonda Jo and Scott Allan Applegate, section 3, township 44, range 23. 

Adam J. and Sarah Seiberling to Angelica and Joaquin Castro, Chapel Wood Estates 5th Subdivision, lot 67. 

Kapital Construction CO. to Sergiy Mykhaylenko, Shepard Meadow Estates Plat 2, lot 46. 

Brian Burnett and Courtney Rachelle Eckhoff to Ciara V. Patton, Smith and Cotton’s 6th Addition, block 2, lot 10-12.

Kenneth M. Hostetter to the Kenneth M. Hostetter Trust and Kenneth M. Hostetter Trustee, section 26 and 27, township 48, range 23.

July 20

Effie Jane Cornine to Joshua A. and Laura E. Cornine, Ritters Addition, block 10, lot 4 and 5. 

Trevor Johnson to Guadalupe Estrada Cerritos, Smith and Cotton’s 7th Addition, block 8, lot 5 and 6. 

Sharon Goodson to Kevin M. Boatman, Jackson and Montgomery’s Addition, block 1. 

Patricia Ann Morgan to Michelle L. Donath and Patricia Ann Morgan, Arlington Heights Addition, block 12. 

July 21

Eric and Lauren E. Anderson to Garry L. Worley Jr., Barrett & Metskers, block 6, lot 9-12. 

Loyd Daniels, Donna Lewis, Dora and Henry Roberts to Marvin J. Daniels, Cotton Brothers 1st and 2nd Addition, block 6, lot 7. 

Joanna R., Kaitlyn, Kent E., Kody A. Kropf to William Mayfield, Stewart and Thompson’s Addition, block 3, lot 5 and 6. 

Nolts Enterprises LLC to Dennis W. Sambo, Jackson and Montgomery’s Addition, block 14. 

Andy and Susanne to the Andy Kropf Family Revocable Trust, Andy Kropf Trustee and Susanne Kropf Trustee, section 36, township 47, range 21. 

Ethan Alexander and Stephanie Nicole Foster to the Gieschen Trust, section 11, township 44, range 20. 

Kylee Weber to Kinsey Mahalovich, Southwest Village, block 3, lot 3. 

Donald L. Wolfe to Jeffrey D. Holloway, Walnut Hill Country Club Estates 1, lot 14. 

July 22

David and Linda Henderson to Thuy T. Nguyen and Dung Q. Tran, Thompson Hills Addition, lot 74. 

Gloria G. Eigsti Trustee, the Gloria G. Eigsti Trust, Matthew M. Eigsti Trustee, the Matthew M. Eigsti Trust to Rhonda Joy and Vinny John Knox, section 17, township 47, range 20. 

James G. Watson to Ensign Peak Investments LLC, Cambridge Village, lot 13. 

Olga V. and Sergey Maksarenkno to Eleanore Rachel and Ryan Austin Eye, section 27 and 34, township 45, range 21.

Kroeger Properties III LLC to Kenneth Schulp Jr. and Mary Louise Schulp, West View Addition, block 19, lot 20 and 21. 

Amy, Christina, Jeremy D. Wayne S. Bellinger and Joshua Campen to Frances and Michael Campen, section 36, township 45, range 20. 

Frances and Michael Campen to Jessica and Jose Lowther, section 36, township 45, range 20. 

Jessica and Jose A. Lowther to Hannah L. and Stefan R. Kelsey, Maplewood 9th Subdivision, lot 71.